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Quest for Student Success 2025

Strategic Priority 2

Eliminate achievement gaps by using analytics, refining, and expanding student support programs, and increasing faculty diversity.

2024 Update and Recommendations

Recommendation 1: Create a high-touch, multi-member early alert system to increase student persistence and retention rates

  • Challenge: P & R rates are as much as 20% lower in some sub-populations
  • Task: Initial launch should specifically target the Black male population and other sub-populations (e.g., Pell-eligible, students on probation, transfer students)

Early Alert Program

  • High-student touch
  • Allows all members of success team (advisors and instructors) to be notified
  • Low initial cost – already available through EAB Navigate
  • Has been shown to increase student persistence and retention.

Short-Term Recommendations

  • Implement early alert program for black, male sub-population of students.
  • Structurally expand program to include other sub-populations (e.g., students on probation, REBOUND, transfer students)

Long-Term Recommendations

  • Create Team/Office to handle alerts to expand response to information gathering and future recommendations
  • Peer mentoring program for students with repeated/multiple alerts

Recommendation 2: Increase support for existing systems focused on mental health services on campus

  • Challenge: 79% of MTSU students reported moderate to severe psychological distress and 52% of students scored positive on a validated loneliness scale in 2022
  • Task: Link/coordinate systems and structures to create “wrap-around care”

2022 Update and Accomplishments

  • Student Success check-ins were sent to professors of African American freshmen twice during Spring 2022.
  • The Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) has been re-established.
  • Dr. Monica Smith hired as Assistant to the President for Inclusion and Community Engagement.
  • Three Diversity Dissertation Fellows were hired.
  • The College of Education’s Center for Fairness, Justice, and Equity has been established.
  • “Man Up Teacher Fellowship” (MUTF) has begun efforts.

Work Group

Co-Chair: Michelle ArnoldOffice of Student Success
Co-Chair: Eric OslundCollege of Education
Lando CarterLT&ITC
Matthew DuncanUniversity Studies
Andrienne FriedliCollege of Basic and Applied Sciences
Jonell HinseyOffice of Student Success
Jimmy MumfordCollege of Liberal Arts
Julie MyattMT Engage; College of Liberal Arts
Mary Ellen SloaneWalker Library
Monica SmithCommunity Engagement
Michelle StevensCollege of Education
Chandra StoryCollege of Behavioral and Health Sciences
Sam ZazaJones College of Business
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