Admission to Candidacy

Students desiring to be Recording Industry or Audio Production majors must apply for and be admitted into a limited number of openings in the program. This ensures our majors have ample access to our facilities and maintains the integrity of our degree by selecting students who perform at a high level. You will not be eligible to take most Recording Industry courses unless and until you are granted admission.

Admission is granted three times per year after the end of the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Students should apply for candidacy BEFORE THE END of the semester in which they will have completed the respective requirements for candidacy.

See the following links for candidacy requirements in each major and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MET ALL OF THEM BEFORE APPLYING!

BS in Audio Production

The requirements for Audio Production candidacy changed starting in Summer 2019. Your application is based on the academic catalog your degree is under which is, by default, the first semester you attended MTSU.

If your first semester at MTSU was before Summer 2019, click here to review the Audio Production candidacy requirements.

If your first semester at MTSU was Summer 2019 or after, click here to review the Audio Production candidacy requirements. 

BS in Recording Industry (RI)

Everything make sense? If so and if you’ve met the requirements, then:  
Apply for candidacy

The form and basic instructions for appealing rejected candidacies can be found here.  Awards based on appeals from the most recent semester will be announced before the beginning of priority registration during the following semester.  For instance, if you file an appeal after being denied Fall 2017 candidacy, you will receive your appeal decision before priority registration for Summer and Fall 2018 classes.

Students who do not achieve candidacy by appointment or appeal may reapply the following semester.

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