Dance Major Auditions

All prospective Dance Majors must audition to be accepted into the Dance Program. Acceptance into the Dance Program does not equal acceptance into the University. Prospective students must also apply to the University here.

MTSU Dance accepts dancers with experience and interest in a range of dance techniques and styles. We offer training in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap, and we are interested in seeing prospective dancers' potential for development as versatile dance artists and thinkers.


In 2020-2021, the audition process will be by video. Prospective students can choose to submit auditions in two of four categories: ballet, modern, jazz, and improvisation or solo.

Please fill out the audition form below. After we receive your information, we will email you links to ballet, modern, and jazz phrases, as well as an improvisation score taught by MTSU Dance faculty. Dancers will pick two of the four dance phrases to learn and record. Dancers may also submit video of a recent solo as one of the options. We want to see your work in at least two styles of dance. We are interested in what inspires you about dance and movement, and we are looking for potential, as well as assessing your current level. In filming your video, please wear solid colored, form-fitting dance clothes (leotard or fitted top and leggings, tights, or workout pants (no shorts)). We will provide you with a link to our audition video submission form.

For more information about the Bachelor of Science in Dance or about auditions, please email, or call 615-904-8051.



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This is a registration form for audition only. YOU MUST ALSO APPLY TO MTSU.




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