Tennessee STEM Education Research Conference

January 16 & 17, 2020

 The 14th Annual Tennessee STEM Education Research Conference brings together researchers and educators to discuss STEM education studies and how they are applied in K-20 learning environments. The goals of this conference include:

  • Share current research questions, methodologies, and findings within disciplinary and interdisciplinary STEM contexts
  • Facilitate discussions between researchers and educators
  • Promote local, state and national STEM education collaborations and partnerships
  • Develop improved teaching methods for STEM topics
  • Provide networking opportunities across stakeholder communities

 The research conference will take place in the Roaden University Center and Bell Hall at Tennessee Technological University. The TN Tech interactive campus map may be helpful.

For more information about the 2020 STEM Education Research Conference, please visit the conference website.

Location of 2020 STEM Education Research Conference:

The 2020 STEM Education Research Conference will be held at Tennessee Technological University, located in Cookeville, Tennessee. 

  • Below are links to register for the conference and to submit your proposal, if needed: 

Register for Conference

  Guidelines for Proposal Submission  Submit Proposal


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2020 Keynote Speaker

 Keynote speakerPaula Lemons 

 Paula Lemons is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Georgia (UGA). She has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Kentucky and completed postdoctoral work at Duke University in  the Department of Biology.  Paula became an Assistant Professor at the UGA in 2009. During her time at Georgia, Paula  has developed a vibrant discipline-based education research group funded by multiple grants from the National Science  Foundation. Her group investigates the thinking and practices of college biology instructors who engage in professional  development, seeking to determine better ways to support their use of evidence-based educational practices. Paula's  group also investigates biochemistry learning, focusing on learning and instruction about noncovalent interactions and  metabolic pathway dynamics. Paula's work has been published in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, CBE-Life Science Education, BioScience, and the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. She teaches Introductory Biochemistry for  science and engineering majors. Paula promotes discipline-based education research and its applications through her  leadership of the Scientists Engaged in Education Research Center and the Department and Leadership Teams for Action  institutional transformation project, both at UGA.

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Instructions for Proposal Submission

Guidelines for Proposal Submission


Disclaimer: Registering on this website does NOT register you for attendance at the Tennessee STEM Education Research Conference 2020. This is only registering for proposal submission.


  1. Go to https://mtsuorsp.awardsplatform.com/
  2. To submit your proposal, you must register on the website by entering your information in the middle fields as shown below. Your email and password will be used to log back into the site.
    Submission pic
  3. After you have filled out all of the required fields, you will be taken to a portion of the site that looks like this:


  • The first thing that you will notice is that at the top of the screen, there is a list of dates for different events.
  • Underneath you will see a notification that looks like this:

                    p3 updated 

         You MUST go into your email and click on the verification email to continue registering.


  • The email that will be sent to you will look like this:


              You will need to click on the link that is in the email and it will take you back to the website. Your account is now verified.


  1. Once you have arrived back to the website, you will now have access to start your official proposal submission application.


       Here you will use the drop down tab under “Event” and select the Tennessee STEM Education Research Conference 2020. Enter your name and             click “Save + Next.”


      As you fill out the application, each time you click “Save + next,” your work to that point is saved to your account. You may begin your application and      come back later to complete it without starting over again. Simply log back into your account using the email and password you created at the                      beginning.

  1. After providing all required information and attaching your proposal as a PDF, complete the process by clicking the “Submit Application” button on the “Attachments” tab.


You have now succussfully completed the submission process for the Tennessee STEM Education Research Conference 2020 and will be notified    when judging is finalized. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Tennessee STEM Education Center at MTSU at tsec@mtsu.edu or call (615) 898-5762.

Tennessee STEM Education Center

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Suite 102
MTSU PO Box 82
Murfreesboro, TN 37132