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AMP Reads - Advising is Forever: Sharing Stories to Ignite (or Reignite) Your Advising Spirit 2/2


Advisor Mastery Program (AMP) Reading Group (formerly iShare)

Each semester will focus on one specific text, and the reading will be broken into four manageable portions. Everyone is welcome to participate. Reading groups will be capped at a certain number of participants to better facilitate discussion, so it is possible that there will be multiple zoom reading discussions running at once. Each reading session is worth 1 point.

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Advising is Forever:  Sharing Stories to Ignite (or Reignite) Your Advising Spirit
This edited collection of stories provides an intimate and practical view of frontline academic advising through personal narratives. The storytellers focus on the importance of academic advising and the effects it has in the lives of students, advisors, and advising administrators. Through the telling of their tales, the authors aim to: (1) show through real-life the effects of academic advising on students and their educational trajectories, (2) raise the morale of academic advisors by highlighting how their work positively influences others, such as their impact on students, staff, and faculty in higher education, and (3) share how working with students has positively impacted advisors’ lives. Each story allows readers to travel along with an advising journey and gain perspective through a narrative lens in these real life moments of passion, growth, and hope.

This AMP Reads session will cover Chapters 4, 5, and the Conclusion held via ZOOM:

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