NewsBytes Fall 2015

BASS127New Financial Trading Room (BAS N127)

Welcome to the new Financial Trading Room (BAS N127)! This advanced classroom provides students with top-quality technology to support experiential learning. The classroom is complemented with a bright circular stock ticker located in the main north entrance hall of the BAS Bldg. The Financial Trading Room allows faculty and students to simulate real-world financial trading concepts to enforce learning practices. The room is equipped with LCD displays, laptops, lecture capture capabilities and flexible seating to encourage discussion, teamwork, and collaboration.

 JCB Studio

The Jones College of Business is proud to announce the upcoming JCB Studio! The BAS S278 classroom will be renovated to become an easy-to-use audio/video recording studio and classroom. The new classroom will provide faculty/students with a place to record presentations, class lectures, video-enabled project homework assignments and practice their presentations. The room will be equipped with multiple cameras, special lighting, and high-quality microphones.

 Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)wrds LOGO

The Jones College of Business is pleased to announce the availability of the Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) for all our faculty, staff and students. WRDS is an award-winning research platform and business intelligence tool for corporate, academic, government and nonprofit clients. WRDS provides the user with one location to access over 200 terabytes of data across multiple disciplines including Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, ESG and Statistics. WRDS provides access to Compustat and CRSP databases.

 D2l Template

We now have an official JCB “branded” D2L Course templates available for your courses! These templates include a standard home page, editable news items, and a Getting Started Module in the Content section. The use of these templates will allow us to provide a consistent and uniform experience to all our students. To access the templates, go to D2L, JCB Faculty Learning Community, Content, JCB D2L Course Templates. For additional information please contact Carlos Coronel (x2359) or Phil Collins (x7703).

JCB Learning Communityjcb learning community

The Jones College of Business Faculty Learning Community is a forum for the JCB faculty and teaching staff to engage in activities designed to enhance teaching and learning. We focus on enabling an active, positive, collaborative community of participants to bring about new ideas. This forum provides periodic articles about the most recent teaching and learning practices and research. We invite all our members to actively participate in the discussions, expand on the field, and implement ways to engage and collaborate with students and other faculty members.

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