Information For School Psychologists

The School Psychologist Section of this web site is intended to provide information that is useful in understanding the syndrome of dyslexia, efficient approaches to identification of students with dyslexia, and recommendations for instructional interventions that are consistent with the specific learning characteristics of students with dyslexia.

Appropriate Accommodations and Modifications of Regular-Classroom Program -- Grades K-3

AppropriateAccommodations and Modifications of Regular-Classroom Program -- Grades 4-12

Testing and Evaluation (Fact Sheet prepared by former Center staff members)

Dyslexia Assessment Battery - Test Options

Diagnostic Profile of Dyslexia
This profile was adopted by the Tennessee Center for Dyslexia to support the diagnosis of dyslexia as a discrete reading disability.

Differential Diagnosis for Dyslexia (DDD) Form
This form was designed to provide a framework for considering whether a student who meets state criteria to be classified as learning disabled in reading or written expression demonstrates the diagnostic profile associated with dyslexia and would therefore require intervention appropriate for this type of reading disorder.

General Information
Basic information for School Psychologists and opportunities available.

Intervention in Reading, Writing and Spelling for Students with Dyslexia
Programs and resources for teaching phonological awareness, spelling and other available resources.

References for Further Reading
Books and articles concerning dyslexia and School Psychologists.