Spring 2018 William M. Bass Legends in Forensic Science Lectureship featuring Steve Symes, Ph.D., D-ABFA

Guns, Knives, Clubs, and Dismembered Bodies - A Day in the Life of a Forensic Anthropologist

Monday, April 9, 2018, 6:30 pm - Student Union Ballroom

Symes Legends Lecture - April 9, 2018


Dr. Steve Symes has spent his entire career walking a fine line between violent homicides, skeletons, and science. He was the first scientists in the world to disprove the commonly held tenet that a saw cuts away its own evidence. Dr. Symes discovered a strategy whereby microscopic evidence on bones could reveal the type of saw used to dismember a body. He has employed his knowledge of saw marks on bone and his specialty in bone trauma to solve baffling homicide cases throughout the United States and in other countries. Dr. Symes will present a collection of cases he has worked during his career that demonstrates how correct interpretation of bone trauma and saw marks are utilized to solve difficult criminal cases.

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