Education Requirements

All MTSU faculty, staff, and students engaged in research with human subjects must complete training in human subjects protections. This requirement also applies to all members of the IRB and administrators supporting the IRB.


Follow this link to go to CITI program training:

We will not accept other forms of training completed after June 2009. After this date, only citiprogram is accepted. The training is valid for 4 years.

Directions: Register with any user name or password you prefer. Affiliate to MTSU. You will then be asked a series of questions to see which course you need. Follow the guidelines below. Complete all required modules and quizes. The Office of Compliance will be able to access your course completion information

-Students assisting with research projects complete the "No More than Minimal Risk" course.

-Students conducting thesis or dissertation research, URECA scholars, and McNair students must do the "Social and Behavioral Research Investigators" course.

-Faculty and staff must also do the "Social and Behavioral Research Investigators"

-Faculty, staff, and students receiving federal funding for projects must also complete the "Responsible Conduct in Research" course in addition to the course listed above.


Download registration instructions for CITI program training.


The Research Compliance Officer is available for class presentations or presentations to departments.