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Online Training Modules for Human Subjects Research


Important Announcement

  • MTSU faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in research with human participants MUST complete training in human subjects protections prior to seeking IRB approval
  • Non-MTSU researchers, who are collaborators or co-investigators in a protocol that requires MTSU IRB oversight must have also completed appropriate training
  • In addition to the investigating team, all those who would directly or indirectly intervene with the data collection in an MTSU-sponsored research activity involving humans MUST also be certified to perform human subject research
  • This requirement also applies to any individual who serve on the IRB as members or administrators or GAs and student interns who assist the IRB work flow, regardless of their specific role in the IRB
  • Although other forms of certifications accepted on a case-by-case manner, we STRONGLY recommend researchers to complete appropriate  training through the CITI program (explained below); most CITI training certifications are valid for up to 3 years

Directions to Set up a CITI Program Account

  1. Follow this link to start your CITI program training:
  2. First-time users must register for an account using your official name (Ensure your first and last names you provide to CITI matches your MTSU records and your IRB applications)
  3. MTSU-affiliates will be asked a series of questions by the CITI portal to autoamatically determine which training module would most fit your need.
  4. Follow the guidelines below.
  5. Complete all required modules and quizes.
  6. In most instances, the Office of Compliance will be able to access your course completion information.  However, be prepared to provide proof of certification if directed by IRB or the Office of Compliance.  

Training Requirements

The MTSU IRB requires all individuals who would be actively participating in a research study that involves humans have to complete human subject training.  MTSU uses the CITI program to mandate this mandatory OHRP requirement.  The training requirement is imposed on all individuals who will be collecting data from a living individual regardless if the contact is direct or indirect.  The Principal Investigator (PI) or the faculty advisor if the PI is a student must enforce this requirement without any exceptions.  The PIs or the faculty advisor if the PI is a student must also maintain proper training records for their entire research team and they should also ensure that the training dates are upto date without expiration.  

Mandatory Course(s) 

One or more of the following course(s) must be completed by the researcher prior to seeking IRB approval
  • Students whose primary role is to provide assistance in a research project - complete "No More than Minimal Risk" course AND "Students in Research" module (ID1321)
  • Students conducting thesis/dissertation or URECA scholars - complete "Social and Behavioral Research Investigators" AND "Students in Research" module (ID1321) AND complete additional modules depending on your study (refer below)
  • Faculty/staff must complete "Social and Behavioral Research Investigators" AND complete additional modules depending on your study (refer below)
  • If the study is funded by a federal agency, then all of the researchers in the study must also complete "Responsible Conduct in Research."

Additional Mandatory Modules

In addition to the mandatory course(s) listed above, one or more of the following course(s) must also be completed based on the type of study or participant pool

Investigator Type Research Type Participant Pool Additional Module(s) to be Completed
Student  Any Any Students in Research (ID1321)
IRB Member  Any Any  IRB Administrator's Responsibilities (ID13813) and IRB Member Module - What Every New IRB Member NEeds to Know (ID816)
Any Any Prisoners Research with Prisoners (SBE ID 506)
Any Any Children Research with Children (SBE ID507)
Any  Elementary and secondary education Children Research in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools (SBE ID508)
Any International matters Any International Research (SBE ID509)
Any International studies Any International Studies (ID971)
Any Involving internet  Any Internet Based Research (SBE ID510)
Any Any Workers/Employees Research and HIPAA Privacy Protection (ID14)
Any Any Workers/Employees Vulnerable Subjects - Research involving Workers/Emloyees (ID483)



Informative Videos

The following links are videos from the OHRP to further educate researchers on the necessity of ethics in human subejct research specifically pertaining to the protection of human subjects.  MTSU IRB recommends researchers to watch these videos prior to completeing their training.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WATCHING THESE VIDEOS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR CITI TRANING.  


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