Roll of Honor

Once in a great while an image becomes burned into your mind and incites a range of emotions and conveys feelings that are often beyond the reach of words alone. This image from Marcus A. Golczynski's funeral brought to mind Stearn's image of John John saluting his father's casket, Rosenthal's flag-raising on Mount Surabachi, and David Leeson's image of

Courtesy of
Aaron Thompson/The Daily News Journal, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Staff Sgt. Lonnie Roberts at the memorial service of one of his men. The common thread through all of these images is the realization that some have given the last full measure of devotion; they should be held in the highest regard and their memories should not fade with time - that is the purpose of the MTSU Veterans Memorial.
Listed below are members of the MTSU community who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.

Sidney P. Arnold

Wesley Gilley

Constant S. Owen, Jr.

Mark A. Babson, Jr.

Marcus A. Golczynski

Walter Pennell, Jr.

Kenneth M. Ballard

Thomas R. Hicks

Pierre E. Piche

Roy D. Bass

David M. Hierholzer

Don C. Reed

Robert R. Boyd

James V. Howard

John W. Reeves, Jr.

Alfred J. Brandon

George Hightower

Edgar L. Rogers, Jr.

Harold Hughes Brantley

Lewis A. Key

Robert J. Sarvis

Bob Brown

Kenneth L. Kirkes

Arthur J. Scates

Houston Brown

Max J. Knox

James L. Schleicher

Richard A. Buerstetta

Norman W. Lane

Edward S. Seward

William Burkett, Jr.

Rufus K. Locker

Allan J. Sewart

George W. Burkheart

James T. Luscinski

Robert Kenneth Smith

Danny Butterbaugh

Patrick H. McBride

Roger E. Smith

Francis O. Cornwell

Robert J. McClintoch

Rufe E. Tipps

Gerald W. Davidson

William J. McCrory

Charles G. Tucker

Lucian E. Durham

William J. McConnell

Bryan Turner

Fowler Elrod

Orbry H. Moore

Michael C. Vickery

Eddie Edwards

William D. Neely, III

Leonard H. White

Robert Fry

Sam T. Nisbett

Alton F. Whitlow

Joe R. Fulghum

Paul N. Osteen

Lee Carlton Yates

. John E. Fuqua

Updated: 11/05/2007
If you have any additional information on a fallen MTSU veteran or would like to add a name to this roll, please contact Derek Frisby, MTSU History Department, 1301 E. Main Street, Box 23, Murfreesboro, TN 37132 or via email at