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Undergraduate Curriculum Changes / Admissions & Standards Info

Undergraduate Curriculum Changes Guidelines & Information

Visit the following MTSU and TBR links for more information on MTSU undergraduate curriculum changes. Information is available in various formats including HTML, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.

Flow Charts of Undergraduate Curricular Changes Available Formats
General Education PDF
University Curriculum Committee PDF



Form Available Formats
Cover Memo for Proposed Undergraduate Curriculum Changes
(MTSU Form)
Provides signatures that indicate approval from MTSU's curriculum review process.
Required with all proposed curriculum changes
Word  |  Fillable PDF
New Course and Course Change Proposal
(MTSU Form)
Required with all proposed curriculum changes
Word  |  PDF
Master Catalog Change Form Faculty Forms Page
TBR Policy 2:01:01:00
Approval of Academic Programs, Units, and Modifications. Review this document for the TBR process, procedure, and criteria for review of academic proposals.
TBR Guideline A-010
Instructions for submitting Proposals for New Academic Programs and for Modifications of Existing Academic Programs. Review this document to know which TBR forms to use for proposed curriculum change.
THEC Academic Affairs Policies Webpage
Name/Title Change Form
This form is used to change the name of existing academic programs or academic units when no other change is involved. No other form is submitted with this form. Approval is granted by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. 
Instructions for Letters of Intent Webpage
Checklist for Letters of Intent
The completed checklist should be submitted as an appendix to the Letter of Intent
Cover Form (TBR Form)
Required for all proposals
Provides the President's signature indicating that the proposal is supported and has been approved through the institution's curriculum review process. 

Long Form
Proposal to Establish NEW Academic Programs or Delivery (doc)

This form is used to establish a NEW:

  • Degree (Requires Letter of Intent)
  • Concentration
  • Certificate (Requires Letter of Intent if 24 or more SCH)
  • Collaborative (Both on Ground and Online)

This form is also used for:

  • Converting an existing program to 100% online delivery

Short Form
Proposal to Change EXISTING Academic Programs or Establish a New Academic Unit (doc)

This form is used for:

  • Establishing a new academic unit
  • Substantive Curriculum Revision (impacting 18 SCH or more since last approved by TBR)
  • Termination
  • Inactivation or Reactivitation
  • Revision of Admission, Progression, and/or Graduation Policy (both institutional and program specific)
  • Consolidation or Reorganization - If this results in the establishment of a new program on Academic Program Inventory, the Long Form shoud be used instead.
  • Extending an existing academic program to 100% delivery at an off-campus site - This action requires THEC Attachments A, B, and C to be added as appendixes.
  • Establishing a new MINOR - May be approved by the TBR Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or may be referred to the Board if significant costs are involved or other concerns identified.
  • Other changes not listed
THEC Financial Projections Form
This form is required for any proposal with new costs. The format is set by THEC and cannot be altered.

THEC Forms (TBR)

  • Attachment A - Off Campus Centers Form
  • Attachment B - Off Campus Budget Proposal
  • Attachment C - Off Campus Center Program Extension
  • Attachment D - Off Campus Site Form