Working in the BAS Computer Lab gives you opportunities to gain a variety of skills. Check out what employees are saying about working in the lab. 

Graduate Assistant Testimonials

 Grant Vis

Working in the Business Lab has definitely been a value-adding experience for me. It’s a fast-paced environment that encourages on-the-job learning while demonstrating what it’s like to work in a real-world IT environment. It’s provided such a robust background of applicable skills and experience that I would otherwise not have gotten as a transplant from another field. The quality of the networking opportunities was phenomenal as well. Whether it be the faculty that you’re exposed to, acquaintances of the director, or even the current and former GA’s, you’re always meeting new people and deepening relationships. Carlos is a wonderful guy to work for. He has an energy about him like few others and is passionate about what he does. He has high standards for his GA’s, but he’s also understanding of the fact that we’re all students with varying backgrounds of skills and experience. He takes this into consideration and tries to tailor your projects to your individual interests as much as possible. We’re here to learn, and as long as we’re willing to learn then he is a firehose of information and experience.
Grant Vis, Fall 2019


Working in the JCB computer Lab has been both an enjoyable and informative learning experience for me. I've gained a lot of practical knowledge, made a lot of friends and learned a lot in just a short time. Over the past few months, I have gained valuable experience in troubleshooting everything, from Windows to the network itself and even if I couldn't solve a particular problem, Carlos and Phil were always there to help and guide me when I needed. Being part of a wonderful team helped me grow as an individual and it allowed me to work together to accomplish goals and solve problems.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with such great people.
Fatemeh (Ava) Ebrahimi, Fall 2019


"Working in the BAS lab made me understand the bigger picture of IT. I believe it laid a strong foundation for my career in the IT field. Carlos is an innate leader and a passionate person to work with. He brings the talent out of every single GA and inspires everyone to be dedicated to work and “exceed expectations”. Every single day I had a chance to learn something new. I got hands-on experience with different cool projects. I feel blessed to have worked with wonderful people in the BAS lab."
Hameeda Saleem, 2017

Zammer "Working with the BAS lab for Carlos was one of the best things that happened to me, the best part about my job was the opportunity to interact with the faculty when assisting them. Apart from the technical knowledge you will also get exposure of working in the technical environment and facing challenges. These experiences helped me to start and grow in my career. This job played an important role in getting an internship during my masters and a full time job when I graduated. Thank you for everything Carlos." -
Zameeruddin Mohamed, 2015
Jenny “Working in the lab was a life changing experience for me. The lab remodeling project was the first project I worked on. I created many different options, and modeled the final output in AutoCAD. I was exited to create a new space for all the students to use. The final product turned out just like I imagined! I am really happy with the new space.”
Jenny Braman 2014
Lee "While I was there, I was faced with challenges that I have never dealt with before. Many of these obstacles tested my soft skills and forced me to put the things I have learned as a Computer Information Systems student into real life practice. Despite the difficulty of these challenges, I always felt confident that I worked with a team of professional and personable colleagues that would always help point me in the right direction."
Lee M Lester 2014

"While working with you I have learned quite a lot and I am sure I will take these experiences to my future jobs. I was able to get familiar with troubleshoot technical issues, configure and imaging computers. Although the BAS computer lab always had various and vast projects, we were able to get everything done..."
Mahsa Majedi 2014


 Nick "I worked in a BAS computer lab for two years. It was a long and pleasant journey, full of new experiences, great opportunities, and amazing people. Being able to constantly learn new things as well as communicate with many different people including students and professors made the job worthwhile. The environment is very friendly and relaxed, and you could have a very flexible work schedule. Personally, I think that working in the computer lab was the best option of all in terms of building new IT and social skills and adding new projects and experiences to my resume. It is a great place to learn new programming languages such as HTML, php, ColdFusion, etc.; develop troubleshooting skills fixing computers and printers; gain sys admin and security knowledge by administering a network of 400+ computers and other devices. Carlos, the Director of labs, is always very helpful and patient with new graduate assistants, making it much easier for you to work there even if you do not have much of previous IT experience."  
Mykyta (Nick) Myakish, 2013