NewsBytes Fall 2022

Fall 2022 NewsBytes (pdf version)

BAS S314 Classroom of the Future

As part of MTSU's commitment to offering its student the best quality education, the S314 Master Classroom was renewed entirely so that students can keep up their path to excellence with last-generation classroom technologies. The BAS S314 classroom has a 98" touch screen (improving the interactivity of the classroom), dual cameras (a student-facing camera & a teacher-facing auto-tracking camera), and dual-screens (with a Waco annotation display) for better remote and face-to-face interactions.

Proctoring Ruling Implications

Even though online-proctoring software is an essential component of distance learning, allowing busy or far-from-campus students to move toward their degree, there are some privacy issues to consider:
A student sued the university, alleging that room scans during online tests are invasive. Judge J. Phillips Calabrese agreed, adding that the student's "expectation of privacy [at home] is one that society views as reasonable and lies at the core of the Fourth Amendment's protection against governmental intrusion." What this means for us? You can read the article at

Martin Chair of Insurance Upgrades

The Martin Chair of Insurance has upgraded its student space with new video conferencing technology. Included in the upgrade are new ceiling microphones and Zoom Room capabilities. The new setup will allow one-touch control for meetings, full HD video and audio sharing, wireless sharing, whiteboarding, chat, and integration with our Exchange system.

Using an iPad in the Classrooms

Have you ever wanted to walk around your classroom while doing a presentation? What about annotating your slides? You can now remote control your PowerPoint presentation from your iPad or iPhone!
How? Use your instructional laptop and Zoom in the classroom. Connect your laptop and iPad/iPhone to the same (WLANMTSU) wireless network, do a quick set-up in Zoom, and you'll be ready to go. Click on the link below for more detailed instructions.


Simpler Ways to Open a PDF in a Classroom

Opening a pdf file in your classroom could be time-consuming. This is because, by default, the Adobe Acrobat DC program will run and it requires you to sign in using your MT credentials. If you just need to open a pdf file to show it to your class (no updates), there are simpler ways to do it in the classroom.
Simply use a web browser.
1) Download the pdf file to the Downloads folder on the computer.
2) Right-click on the file name and select Open with and select any of the browsers Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.
Alternatively, you can just drag and drop the pdf file into your open browser window.

New BAS Lab Graduate Assistants 

Daniela Giler, Denisse Giler, Dhruv Patel, and JP Illingworth. Daniela and Denise are graduating this Fall 2022 with a Master of Information Systems in Business Analytics degree. JP and Dhruv are first-semester GAs. If you need help, feel free to call or stop by the computer lab office, one of the assistants will be ready to help you.


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