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Beka Crocket

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Staff Picture



Tim Shope

Assistant Director, Employer Relations
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Holly Allen

Assistant Director, Career Development
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staff picture


Elisha Lawrence

Career Advisor
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Jeanette Stevens

Career Advisor
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Staff Picture - Amy



Amy Medlin

Career Advisor
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Staff Picture  - Bailey


Kim Collins

Executive Aide (615) 898-5467
Supports Director with budget 

Supports general office operations

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Bailey Wrenne

Graphic Design Intern


 Peer Career Ambassadors (PCAs)

2022-2023 Team: Shaylaine Roker, Rebekah Barnard, Garrett Herron, Matthew Keylon, Katie Pricer

  • Provide individual career assistance to students during Office Hours
  • Critique resumes and cover letters through the Document Drop Program
  • Deliver presentations to classes and student organizations on career topics

Contact the PCA Team at: or call 615-898-2500

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