Middle Tenness State Univeristy Scenery

Super blood moon, 09/27/2015, at US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Boston

2nd photo: Astronomy Now's web editor Ade Ashford, this time post-totality at 4:38am BST when the Moon was emerging from the Earth's umbral shadow. Celestron 80ED refractor with a Canon 1100D, 2-second exposure, ISO 400. 3rd photo: A month of planning + a BeetleCam + a supermoon eclipse + a lion cub = perfect shot to last another 18 years.


Cross, Moon, Australia; Sun Eclipse

Sean Parker Photography: Super blood moon, 09/27/2015, at Tucson, Arizona

Guilin, China

Guilin, China; Hallstatt - Austria,  

Yosemite fall,   Sunrise,   Bavaria view,   Saint Basil's Cathedral

New Swan Castle, Germany

White desert - Eygpt,   the Big Dipper and the church in Sinai

Photo Credit: J. Guo, KanFengJing.net, Sean Parker, Burrard Lucas, and the web.
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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2018