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Free Tutoring is located on the first floor of the Walker Library. Review the flyers below for more information.

Benefits of Tutoring

  • Better test grades
  • Higher persistence / retention rates
  • GPA improvement

Tutoring sessions on campus are offerred both in-person and remote (via Zoom) in over 200 courses in subjects such as biology, history, computer information systems, physics, math, economics, recording industry, study skills/learning strategies, and many more.

How Can I Get Free Tutoring?

  1. Go to tutoring web page at 
  2. Click on “Campus Tutoring (In-Person & Remote)”,
  3. Select department from drop-down menu
  4. Click “find tutoring opportunities”.
  5. This will take you to the schedule (day/time) and zoom link for tutoring session
  6. To see entire tutoring schedule, skip step #3 and click directly on “Find Tutoring Opportunities”.

Note:  Zoom link revolves and will only appear during session times.

Tutoring FlyerTutoring Flyer                 


If you have questions, contact Dr. Cornelia Wills: at or call 615-494-8650 .


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Withdrawal Office

To withdrawal from registered classes, please first see Jessica Pierson or Shannon Brown to determine the impact on the GI Bill®.  Next visit with the MT One Stop.

Jessica Pierson     

Contact Me!

Jessica Pierson
SCO Coordinator
  KUC 124
Shannon Brown     

Contact Me!

Shannon Brown
SCO - Technical Clerk
  KUC 124

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