Music Admissions

An audition is required for admission into the School of Music as a music major, music minor, or to take private lessons. Auditions submissions for Fall 2021 are virtual and must be submitted by August 15, 2021 to be considered for admission to the School of Music. Students must be academically admitted to MTSU before admitted into the School of Music.


Step 1: Apply to MTSU.

Step 2. Apply to the School of Music. For assistance you may contact the School of Music office: Phone: (615) 898-2469 E-mail:

Step 3. Submit your recommendation letter(s). Type the top portion of the form, then email to your recommender(s).

Music Majors should submit two recommendation letters: (1) ensemble director/music teacher, and (2) ensemble director/music teacher or a teacher from another academic area (for example: English or math).

Music Minors should submit one recommendation letter from an ensemble director/music teacher.

Step 4. Review the audition requirements for your instrument.

Brass Woodwinds Strings Voice Percussion Piano Jazz Graduate Auditions Graduate Jazz Auditions

Step 5. Submit your virtual audition.

Submit Audition