Music Admissions and Scholarships

Pianist Music scholarships for undergraduates are awarded on a competitive basis to outstanding musicians. Students must demonstrate musicianship and technique appropriate for study at a major university school of music. Scholarship awards are offered to those students that not only demonstrate a high level of musicianship, but also to those that show great musical potential and promise as an active and enthusiastic member of a fast growing department.


  1. Complete the MTSU Admissions Application. It is recommended that you complete this before the priority deadline of December 1 to be fully eligible for University academic scholarships.

  2. Complete the School of Music Application where you will schedule your audition date. An audition is required for all music majors, music minors, those wishing to enroll in private instruction, and those seeking music scholarships. For assistance you may contact the School of Music office: Phone: (615) 898-2469 Fax: (615) 898-5037 E-mail:

  3. Music Majors are also required to have two (2) recommendations to apply to the School of Music. At least one must be completed by an ensemble director/music teacher. The second must be completed by an ensemble director/music teacher, or by a teacher from another academic area (for example: an english or math).

    Music Minors are required to have one (1) recommendation to apply the the School of Music and this must be completed by an ensemble director/music teacher.

  4. Please fill out the recommendation form. Type the top portion of the form and print it out. Give it to your recommender to complete. Please note that the form is two pages long. Recommendation forms are due at least one week before your audition date.

Audition Process

  1. The audition date must be arranged when submitting the online application or by contacting the School of Music Office at (615) 898-2469.

  2. It is preferred that students schedule their audition on one of the dates listed below.

  3. If a student cannot audition on one of the scheduled dates alternate audition arrangements may be made by contacting the studio teacher or the music office. (Vocal students may ONLY contact the office.) Priority consideration for music scholarships will be given to students who audition on or before the final audition date.

  4. See individual areas below for required repertoire and skills.

  5. A pianist will be provided for vocal auditions only. Instrumentalists are not required to bring a pianist.

  6. Once a voice applicant has successfully auditioned and been accepted, he/she must enroll in private voice instruction within two semesters or re-audition.

  7. Video-taped auditions may be accepted if the student has extenuating circumstances (voice not considered for scholarship by video).  Please contact the applied teacher for your instrument for pre-approval.  

Audition Requirements for Specific Areas

Audition Dates for Undergraduates (2020)

  • Friday, February 7, 2020
  • Saturday, February 22, 2020
  • Saturday, February 29, 2020



All students awarded a scholarship will be asked to respond within two weeks after the award notification as to their intention to accept or decline the award. This is a NON-BINDING response if submitted prior to May 1. By May 1, students must declare the acceptance or non acceptance of the scholarship award. Students accepting an award on or after May 1 may not accept a scholarship from another NASM accredited institution without retaining a written release from the department where the award was accepted.