Semiconductor Physics

  • Polymer spin-coater
  • Thermal evaporator for LED fabrication
  • Coherent solid state laser (green)
  • 77K DeWar
  • 0.5m Imaging Spectrometer with photomultiplier and semiconductor detectors
  • Lock-in amplifier
  • Class 100 clean room
  • Surface profiler

Ellipsometric Laser Tweezers

  • Visible and Infrared lasers
  • Inverted microscopes
  • Nano-translation stages (3D)
  • CCD cameras
  • Manipulative optics

Photonics Infrastructure

  • Coherent Modelocked Ti:Sapphire laser
  • Solid state Nd:Vanadate laser
  • Computer-controlled rotation stage reflectometer
  • Various visible and near infrared lasers
  • Tunable diode laser
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