New MTSU Officer Wins Academic Distinction at Police Academy

Officer Breanna Laux Graduates at the Top of Her Class out of 55 from Walter State Academy 

Not many people understand the rigors police officers face even before putting in any certified shift time: making it through the police academy. 

Breanna Laux, along with two others joining the MTSU police ranks, recently graduated from the Walter State Academy after enduring 9 weeks of grueling physical, mental, and emotional tests. Trainees wake up early and spend hour alternating between working out, studying anything from basic operating procedures to complicated law, and practicing the daily tasks that make up the life of a law enforcement officer. These classes and sessions often go late into the night.

 Laux not only made it through the Academy: she flourished. On September 13, 2019, she completed the academy as part of the 113th class along with 54 others, 13 of them female including herself. She received the class’s Academic Award, a cumulative recognition for her performance on the law test, driving tests, defensive tactics drills, and the final Police Officer Selection Test (POST). She scored a very high 99/100 on the POST. 

 In addition to hours-long study sessions with her fiance over the phone, Laux attributes her success to her education, namely her MTSU degree in Criminal Justice with a minor Criminology.

 She’s currently completing the Field Training Officer (FTO) program, three months of on-the-job training where officers get exposed to the ins-and-outs of the work and the environment of all three shifts. Laux is excited to bring her success from the academy to the department and to the larger MTSU Blue Raider community.