Engineering Technology, B.S.

Engineering Technology is a technologically advanced program at the Bachelor of Science level utilizing theoretical concepts and hands-on instruction. The B.S. in Engineering Technology includes the following concentrations: Computer Engineering TechnologyElectro-Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology which are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET

The purpose of Engineering Technology is to prepare students for a broad range of technical and industrial management positions. This is accomplished through nationally accredited programs, a project-based learning environment, and extensive collaboration with industry. The department faculty members have appropriate academic credentials in addition to significant industrial experience. Numerous opportunities are available for students to participate in nationally competitive projects related to topics such as space robotics and solar-powered vehicles.

Several programs require heavy interaction with the industrial sector, which allows students to work on projects with potential employers. Experiential learning opportunities exist through cooperative and internship classes. Highly motivated students may wish to obtain important industry-recognized certifications that exceed accreditation requirements. Students may study an array of the latest breakthroughs in topic areas such as constructions, rapid prototyping of electrical and mechanical systems, safety, engineering systems, and environmental science. The combination of these programs and activities offers preparation for graduates entering the fast-paced technology sector.

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  • Total Credit Hours Required for Degree: 124
  • Total Time to Graduate (14-17 Credit Hours Each Term): 8 Semesters or 4 years (if attending only fall and spring terms)
    *The time to graduation is for students beginning the program with no prior college credit.

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