Student Judicial Board Applications

The Student Judicial Board shall consist of nine (9) members selected from eligible members of the student body. Members shall be selected for one (1)-year terms, and are eligible to serve additional terms with reapplication and approval as proscribed herein. The chair and vice-chair of the Student Judicial Board will be selected by a majority vote of the committee members. Recruitment shall be campus-wide and the pool of candidates should reflect the diversity of the University community. The selection process includes an application and interview. Interviews for the Student Judicial Board will be conducted by a selection committee that shall be appointed by the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee and the President of the Student Government Association. The composition of the selection committee shall represent the diversity of the campus community. 

The Student Judicial Board shall hear cases referred to it by the Office of Student Conduct. In these cases, the board makes its recommendation to the Dean of Student Life or his/her designee.