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Jennings A. Jones College of Business Mission and Guiding Principles


The mission of the Jones College of Business is to:

  • Set our students' foundation for life-long learning through high quality learning experiences resulting from quality teaching, classroom interactions, student professional organizations, service learning, and interactions with faculty outside the classroom.
  • Further the scope and dissemination of the body of business knowledge through scholarly research that advances our disciplines, enhances teaching/learning, and improves outcomes of for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations.
  • Contribute to the economic development of the region through our outreach programs.

We will produce career-ready undergraduate students, MBA, MAcc, and MS graduates prepared for career challenges and advancements, significant applied research, and consulting consistent with the expertise of our disciplines.

Guiding Principles

To achieve our mission, the faculty of the Jennings A. Jones College of Business commits to these guiding principles:


Students experience quality learning opportunities that are enhanced by faculty committed to effective teaching and expanding knowledge in their disciplines through research. The College provides quality facilities and access to technology currently used in the business world. Course offerings and course content are regularly reviewed to maintain currency. Student and faculty interaction with the business community further contributes to educational quality.


We are the college of opportunity in middle Tennessee, offering a wide variety of courses, programs, and degrees in support of our constituencies. We offer traditional campus courses, as well as evening, off-campus, and distance learning courses. Faculty are accessible on-campus and through electronic mail, faculty web sites, and the university computer network. Students have access to both full-time college advisors and faculty advisors.


The College is a gateway to knowledge, providing a foundation for life long learning and the success of our students. Awarding degrees is an important recognition of student accomplishment in the learning process. Value is added by faculty who demonstrate quality teaching, scholarly research, and service to their profession, the community, the region, and beyond. This linkage of scholarship, teaching and learning is our bond with students, the public, and the business community. Value to our constituencies is strengthened through a philosophy of responsiveness and accountability.