Phi Mu Alpha

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True Blue Accreditation Status: Does Not Meet Expectations
Does Not Meet Expectations Defined: The chapter strived to reach its goals but still has some work to do and needs to focus on improving the core areas of operation. "Does Not Meet Expectations" status does not reflect the loss of chapter privileges. Instead it reflects a time allocated for growth and achievement within the chapter. Chapters on "Does Not Meet Expectations" status will work with FSL staff to develop and implement a three year Chapter Development Plan.

Fall 2016 Cumulative GPA: 2.88
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Nationally Founded : October 6, 1898
Locally Founded : May 21, 1966
Local Website: 
Symbols: N/A
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Colors: Red, Black and Gold
National Philanthropy: The Mills Music Mission
Local Philanthropy: Boropalooza Benefit Concert
Twitter: @PhiMuAlpha_MTSU
Instagram: @PhiMuAlpha_MTSU


Additional Information: 
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity is proud to be MTSU's oldest standing social Greek letter organization. We are a brotherhood founded on a love of music and our five core values support, concord, loyalty, love, and trust. Our active brotherhood includes men representing all of MTSU's colleges; you do not have to be a music major to join Phi Mu Alpha. You just need a love for music. Each Sinfonian brings value, drive, and dedication to the brotherhood. We believe that having these attitudes builds values that are crucial to effective leadership and success after graduation. Famous Sinfonians include actors Andy Griffith and Fred Rodgers, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, and American Idol Ruben Studdard.


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