To join an NPHC fraternity or sorority at MTSU, most organizations require that you have earned at least a 2.5 overall grade point average on all work attempted. Many of the organizations require a higher GPA. Each organization conducts their intake process at different times and will advertise accordingly.



The experience gained from Greek membership and involvement proves extremely rewarding while in school as well as after graduation. One of the most beneficial parts of being a member of the Greek community is the opportunity to gain leadership skills. Within each chapter, then are student government officers, academic scholars, athletes, musicians, artists, student ambassadors, and student orientation leaders. Valuable communication, social, and interpersonal skills can be gained through these experiences.

Community Service

Philanthropic projects and community service are important parts of the MTSU Greek community. Individually, sororities and fraternities participate in hands-on volunteer work as well as sponsor fund-raising activities for their chosen charitable organization.


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