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University College Staff Directory

Main Number 494-7714
Niki Morris, UC Receptionist 494-7714

Dr. David Gotcher, Interim Dean, 898-2177
Dr. Peggy Carpenter, Assistant Dean, 904-8092 
Sherry Fuller, Executive Secretary, 898-2177
John Burchfield, Director, Finance and Administration, 898-5804  
Glynda Gardner, Account Clerk, 494-7718
Janet Bogle, Secretary, 898-5611

Adult Degree Completion Program, 896-5651
Allison Barton, Assistant Coordinator, 898-5680
April Cline, Secretary, 898-5804
Molly Culbreath, Coordinator, 898-2179        
Cathy Delametter, Manager, 494-8952
Betty Rinaudo, Assistant Coordinator, 898-5651
Jack Traylor, Coordinator, 494-8909
Trey Schruff, Advisor, 898-5585
John Little, Advisor, 898-5667

Distance Education, 898-5611, Box 54, Fax 494-8777
Layne Bryant, Resources Manager, 898-5426 
Tammy Bryant, Off Campus Courses, 898-2121   
MTSUOnline Degrees and Programs, 898-5611

Distance Education Advising
Rebecca Bruce, Advisor, 904-8459
Jay Reilly, Advisor, 898-3593
Byron Lightsy, Advisor, 904-8398 
Megan Russell, Advisor, 898-5200
Sarah Standridge Graduate Analyst, 898-5230

Distance Education Faculty Services
Cindy Adams, Manager, 904-8276
Carol Hayes, Coordinator, 898-5332
Travis Carter, Videoconferencing Technician, 494-8908
Teresa Umphrey, Technical Clerk, 904-8013

Distance Education Student Services
Rodney Robbins, Manager, 898-5060

Dual Enrollment
Matt Hannah, Coordinator, 904-8862
Mona Snell, Advisor, 898-5251,
Casey Brown, Advisor, 904-8017
Andrea Smith, Dual Enrollment Assistant, 898-5246

Experiential Learning (EXL), 898-5542, Fax 898-5308
Carol Swayze, Director, 494-7849
Judy Smith, Secretary, 898-5542

Middle Tennessee Education Center (MTEC), 931-685-4444
Wayne Dillingham, Coordinator  

MTSUOnline Degrees and Programs, 898-5804

Professional Development
Eve Shockley, Coordinator, 898-5530 

Testing Center, KUC107 898-2743
Dr. Mark Templeton, Director, 898-5659
Sheila Copeland, Test Center Proctor, 898-2743

Undeclared / Undecided Advising, 898-5209  
Renee Robbins, Advisor, 494-8706
Megan Williams, Advisor, 898-5667

University Summer Sessions, 898-5783, Box 307
Jana Hinz, Director 

University Studies, 898-2568, Box 16, PH 202, Fax 898-5907
Dr. Marva Lucas, Chair  
Betsy Taylor, Secretary  
Rhonda Drake, Secretary 
Marlene A. Lane, Executive Aide
Dr. Vivian Alley R.M. 
Dr. Mike Boyle
Dr. Linda Clark
Christina Cobb
Carol Dawson
Dr. Jennifer Dooley
Matthew Duncan
Pamela Elliott
Dr. Lawanna Fisher
Joycelyn Gray
Debra Haber
Jason Harrison
Dr. MA Higgs
Gina Johnson
Ryan Korstange
Evan Lancaster
Maria Lara
Pamela McCluney
Dr. Scott McDaniel
Pamela Morris
Dr. David A. Otts
Dr. Joan M. Raines
Dr. Georganne Ross
Joseph Rouse
Dr. Dianna Rust
Dr. Teresa Schmidt
Bonnie Stephens

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