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Jeannie HarringtonThe accounting profession is frequently highlighted in today’s news media. Recent events clearly indicate the importance of accounting in today’s society and financial markets. Accounting is a growing and dynamic profession that offers graduates a wide variety of career options.

The Accounting Department offers both the BBA degree and the MAcc degree in Accounting. The Department has recently revised both our undergraduate and graduate curriculum to allow students more flexibility in tailoring their accounting program to meet personal career interests.

Students should note that most states require study beyond the bachelor’s degree to sit for the CPA exam. Specifically, Tennessee requires that students complete 150 semester hours before taking the CPA exam. The Department encourages students to meet this requirement by earning a Masters’ degree, though the requirement can also be met by pursuing additional coursework beyond the bachelor’s degree.

You may contact me at Jeannie.Harrington@mtsu.edu or (615) 898-2038.
Please visit the Department of Accounting located on the fourth floor of the Business and Aerospace Building, N425.

—Jeannie Harrington, Chair