“Colby, Thank you so much for speaking with our students this evening! They continued to ask questions after you left–but the questions were different in their nature—more positive, proactive, and confident. We feel that your program will help our students grow during the admission process, and look forward to continuing the students’ progress towards graduate school.” – Dr. Becky Fischer

“Dr. Jubenville, thank you for taking the time to meet with me about my future even though school is out. You helped me in twenty minutes figure out a fantastic plan for my future and present. You taught me more in that twenty minutes than my four years in college taught me in any of my classes. You also gave me ideas to help me that I would've never have thought about before. I greatly appreciate everything you have helped me with, and I feel that everyone should go to you for advice on careers or life in general.” – Jordan Johnson

“I can say that you led me down a path that saw me work for the last two years with MT football recruiting and will (hopefully) result in my employment in an NFL scouting office, a prospect I didn’t give any serious thought to prior to your course. I appreciate the method that you go about trying to help students get the most out of their degree.” – Conner Fite

“Thank you for great semester. You taught me valuable information that I would never get from any other teacher on campus. I can see it already helping me as I am the new Assistant Executive Director of Williamson County Soccer Association. I am very glad I took your course and I plan to take more of them later down the road.” – Blake Lankford

“I think doing the Harrison Assessment was great because it helped me find my areas of strength and things I do or like the best. I only had one coaching session with Dr. J so far but I think it helped me a lot. First, he helped me to read my Harrison Assessment and helped me to make sense out of it. It was similar than when you go to the doctor with and MRI results, which you don't really understand, and he explains them to you. Also, I knew what I want to do in the future, but I didn't really know how to get there. He show me the pathway to where I want to get and made me realize that every interaction from now on is important, and that if I am able to be that good that people can't ignore me, I will start building my future. I have three short term goals based on that first meeting until the next one that are really helpful to keep me motivated. I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions!” – Olaya Garrido Rivas

“Listening to these modules and coaching sessions has allowed me to gain more confidence in myself. Dr. Jubenville quoted ‘confidence is the memory of success.’ I want my work to have a meaning and purpose because I invested so much time in my education. I want it to pay off and not be useless. I learned from the Harrison Assessment that I like to help people and that I want a stable career. My major function is technical. I have to work on my interpersonal skills to be in a management or leadership role. It is all about having confidence in myself and understanding my emotional intelligence. Once I figure that out, I should be able to excel in this category.” – Wil Spivey

“So far, the Five to Arrive program has really helped me to develop a clear understanding of what I want going forward in my career. The Harrison Assessment has been a huge benefit, as it has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses as well as what I want to get out of my career choice. Furthermore, the Coaching Sessions have allowed me to pick Dr. Jubenville’s brain and use his expertise to discover the career path that I want to pursue. There is not a doubt in my mind that without going through this process, I would still be searching for a career choice and would not end up in a situation that would give me the gainful employment experience that I am searching for.” – Sterling Smith

“The Harrison Assessment has been the most accurate assessment that I have ever taken; it showed me my strengths, what tasks I enjoy solving, preferred work environment and much more. Growing up, I was told throughout my childhood years strengths and weaknesses that I have. By answering a few questions in this assessment, I could see myself on paper. The H.A. is surprisingly accurate and more important, it takes the information gathered and simply describes the individual easily for others to understand and evaluate. This is how I know Harrison Assessment is accurate and legitimate, with so very few questions asked the assessment can find my motives and how I respond in situations. Thanks to the Harrison Assessment I can now see where my weaknesses are and learn how I can fix them. This Assessment exposed new information to me and can explain myself better by providing scenarios and my behavior competencies than I could by myself.” – Camden Grecco

“I took the Harrison Assessment with a different perspective than some: I had an idea of what my future career is. With that in mind, I looked through each of the reports given to me after taking a 20-minute assessment and discovered that I’m on the right career track. This behavioral assessment is very useful in that it helps me to become more self-aware and help me unpack to others who I am and what I do. The Harrison Assessment alerted me of my weaknesses, and when I get in a leadership role, I’ll be able to put people around me that have my weaknesses as their strengths based on this report.” – Matt Posey