AVS Video Production Services

Contact the AVS Video Production team for your next motion imaging project with full studio, editing and on-location capabilities. The Video Production team supports the College of Education to create high quality productions, but also with other MTSU faculty, staff, and university departments to produce award winning commemorative videos, television promos, ad campaign elements, documentaries, and video/virtual training resources.

  • Studio Production-- a multiple studio, multiple camera high definition broadcast facility to capture lectures, classes, talk shows, performances, livestreaming and webcast uplinks, etc.
  • Remote Production-- a single or multiple camera broadcast quality production service for on or off campus locations such as classrooms, offices, sporting events, or conferences.
  • Graphics and Animation-- a method of adding words, titles, credits, transitions and special effects to programs during editing.
  • Post Production--editing footage into a cohesive presentation, including closed captioning services.
  • Dubbing and Copies -- With adherence to copyright law as it pertains to the material requested to be copied.

For more information, or to discuss the possibilities for DVD copies of programs, please contact the Director of Production at Mitch.Pryor@mtsu.edu


  • Center for Educational Media
  • Center for Educational Media
  • Center for Educational Media
  • Center for Educational Media
  • Center for Educational Media
  • Center for Educational Media

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