Welcome to CUSTOMS

CUSTOMS signup is open for students entering MTSU in the Spring 2020 (January) semester. When you begin the signup process, you will be directed to log into Pipeline MT. 

Follow these steps for CUSTOMS Signup

  1. Go to PiplineMT login.
  2. Enter your PipelineMT Username and Password.
      1. If you have not set up your PipelineMT username and Password or have forgotten it, click below the Login box and you will be given instructions of how to set up or change it.
  3. Once logged in to PipelineMT click on CUSTOMS Orientation Signup box.

Go to PipelineMT to get started.

CUSTOMS is the Middle Tennessee State University new student orientation program. CUSTOMS helps new undergraduate students make the transition into the university; prepares new students for MTSU's educational opportunities; and initiates the integration of new students into the intellectual, cultural, and social climate of the institution. In a nutshell, CUSTOMS shows new students the ropes on being a student at MTSU.

CUSTOMS is the theme of the orientation program. The theme goes along with the process as you leave and enter a new country and go through customs. The new students are grouped together by majors for advising purposes, and we use country names to identify these groups. When you sign up for CUSTOMS, you will be notified of the date you have been assigned and the name of the country in which you are grouped. 

CUSTOMS is designed a little differently for each type of new student. Please select your classification on the left menu bar to begin your CUSTOMS journey!  

Make your Mark at MTSU!  We are currently recruiting for the 2019 Student Orientation Assistant (SOA) staff. 

SOAs at MTSU use their leadership skills and True Blue pride to welcome over 4500 New Raiders and their family members to campus annually.  Click here (ADD LINK) for a complete job description and overview of the application process. 

Applications are due no later than October 31 at 4:00 p.m.


Find Out More About Being an SOA

We encourage you to attend an interest session on one of the following dates:

Date Time Location
Thursday, September 26 2:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Student Union Room 201- Parliamentary Room
Wednesday, October 2 5:00 p.m. Student Union Room 201- Parliamentary Room
Thursday, October 17 5:00 p.m. Keathley University Center Room 322
Wednesday, October 23 12:00 p.m. AND 2:00 p.m. Keathley University Center Room 322

The information sessions will cover the requirements to be an SOA, application process, and time to ask previous SOAs about their experience.  Attendance is not mandatory to apply, but will cover important information

Ready to make your mark at MTSU? 

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