Admission Process

The deadlines for completed applications are as follows:

  • February 10 for the summer and fall semesters
  • September 10 for the spring semester.

The first six steps below must be completed and the supportive materials described in these steps must be received by the College of Graduate Studies by the February 10 or September 10 deadline before any student will be considered for admission.

  1. Fill out and submit an Application to the College of Graduate Studies with the accompanying fee to Graduate Admissions. The application can be downloaded from the MTSU website or you may call 615-898-5589 or email to receive a catalog in the mail. For international students interested in applying to the Professional Counseling Program, click here for more information on applying.

  2. Complete and submit a Professional Counseling Program supplemental application.

  3. Submit official transcripts of ALL college work (i.e., undergraduate and graduate transcripts).

  4. If applicable, submit Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) test scores to the College of Graduate Studies.  Only current test scores (i.e., taken within the past five years) will be accepted.  Applicants with 3.0 or higher GPAs are NOT required to submit exam scores.

  5. Using the MTSU College of Graduate Studies recommendation link provided, arrange for three (3) professional recommendations. Two of the recommendations should come from faculty or other academic officials who can attest to the applicant's academic abilities. The third  can come from someone who has either supervised the applicant's work, has been a colleague, or has known him/her for at least three years (other than family).  

  6. Submit a resume/vita.

  7. Professional Counseling faculty will review completed application files (all of the above), and if minimal requirements are met, will arrange with the applicant for participation in an admissions interview. For the spring admission, interview will be held on the last Friday of September. For fall admission, the interview will be held on the last Friday of February. 

    The admissions interview is a half-day endeavor that includes the following:
    1. orientation to the Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling concentrations;
    2. meeting with current students who are taking classes within the respective concentrations;
    3. individual interview;
    4. group exercises; and
    5. brief writing assignments.

  8. Following the admissions interview, Professional Counseling faculty will make admissions decisions. The following are considered in the decision-making process:

    1. input from regular, adjunct, and affiliate program faculty (if the applicant has taken or is currently taking classes);
    2. input from practitioners who served on the admissions committee;
    3. each applicant's potential success in forming effective interpersonal relationships in individual and small-group contexts;
    4. each applicant's aptitude for graduate-level study, including technological competence and computer literacy;
    5. each applicant's career goals and objectives and their relevance to the program; and
    6. each applicant's openness to self-examination and personal and professional self-development.

  9. Applicants will be formally notified of the admission decision by the College of Graduate Studies within 30 days of the admissions interview.

  10. If accepted into the Professional Counseling program, the applicant must within two weeks notify the program coordinator of his/her intention to enter the program.
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