Admission to Teacher Education Program (ATE)

Elementary Ed, Early Childhood, Middle Grades, Special Education and Secondary Education

Students who wish to prepare themselves for careers as teachers must make formal application for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Click here to view Admission Requirements If you are unsure of which requirements you need to follow, please check with your academic advisor.

You can submit your application for admission to teacher education at any point during the semester.

However, to guarantee your enrollment in courses requiring teacher education admission, the completed Admission to Teacher Education application should be submitted by the Guaranteed Enrollment deadline.

Start Early. THIS PROCESS TAKES SOME TIME. Some parts of the admission to teacher education application process may take you several weeks to complete. Please allow at least 4 weeks to complete and submit your application. 

Submit everything by the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Meeting the guaranteed enrollment deadline is highly recommended.

To be admitted for Spring Semester Guaranteed enrollment deadline of October 15th.

To be admitted for Summer Semester: Guaranteed enrollment deadline of March 15th.

To be admitted for Fall Semester: Guaranteed enrollment deadline of March 15th.

Students may be admitted after the guaranteed enrollment deadline but will not be guaranteed a space in their chosen classes.

Are you struggling with meeting the admission to teacher education requirements? Learn more about our appeals process.

Job Embedded Clinical Practice

Candidates applying for the Practitioner license job-embedded path must meet the following requirements:

  •  Job Embedded students, the GPA requirement is 2.75 Inclusive from a completed baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate degree program or a 3.00 GPA in the most recent sixty (60) credit hours earned at a regionally accredited IHE.
  • Reference forms: Two reference forms specifically recommending admission to teacher education (MTSU rating form). (Download Form Below)
  • Test Score: Acceptable test scores on one of the following:

Note: Beginning June 1, 2019, all Secondary Job-Embedded candidates must enroll in the M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction ( Licensure Specialization) Program.

 Apply for Admission to Teacher Education Program (ATE)

Elementary EducationSecondary Education MinorsJob-Embedded Middle Grades EducationEarly Childhood Education Special Education  Curriculum and Instruction 

Note: Undergraduate Students will not be able to register for or obtain permits for any upper division classes until they are fully admitted to the Teacher Education Program. A Pre-Req/Test code error will be given during registration to those who have not been fully admitted. 

Tennessee Code Annotated §49-5-5610 requires that any student wishing to enter an approved teacher education program must undergo a criminal history check and fingerprinting by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Criminal Background Checks from outside agencies will not be accepted.

 Regardless, if you have obtained a cleared TBI background check in the past, if you are not enrolled consecutively for the fall and spring semesters at Middle Tennessee State University, you may be required to obtain a subsequent background check. Contact the Office of Professional Laboratory Experiences to check the status of your background check at 615-898-2794.

AST Degree Recipients: In order to complete full admission to the Teacher Education Program at Middle Tennessee State students must show proof of having been awarded the AST Degree as well as submit proof of your test scores along with official application.

ATE Forms and Documents

Forms & Documents Type
Professional Counseling & School Psychology Background Check Form WEB
Explanation of 60 hour GPA Calculation PDF
Teacher Education Appeal Form PDF
Job-Embedded Reference Form  PDF
Instructions for Obtaining Background Check  PDF
VECHS Waiver Agreement and Statement PDF
Noncriminal Justice Applicant Privacy Rights Form PDF
ATE Recommendation Form PDF
Satisfactory Test Score Handout PDF
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