Do I have to use a certain lesson plan format?

According to the edTPA handbook (p.8), you should minimally include standards, objectives, assessments, instructional strategies and learning tasks, resources, and materials. You should check with your University Supervisor to determine if your program requires a specific format.

Do we have a cut score?

At this time, there is no cut score to determine pass/fail status. All candidates are expected to fully complete and submit the edTPA. Candidates receiving a score of 1 on more than two rubrics will be flagged for remediation.

As a Supervisor, are there seminars or workshops available for me and my candidates?

Yes, you can schedule a seminar or workshop by emailing TPA@mtsu.edu. In your email, please specify edTPA content area(s) and areas of concern so that we can provide appropriate support.

I can't find my edTPA on Tk20. Help!

The edTPA is found under the "Portfolios" tab in Tk20. If you cannot see it there, please email tk20@mtsu.edu and provide your name and edTPA content area.

Is there a particular site with more information on the edTPA?

Thank you for asking! Our site here at MTSU will provide a wealth of information.

When will candidates receive their scores?

During the field test, candidate scores will not be provided by Pearson directly to the candidate. However, you may contact TPA@mtsu.edu to request your score information.

When will candidates complete the edTPA?

Candidates will complete the edTPA during the first placement of Student Teaching / Residency II.

Will all of my lessons in the learning segment need to be taught whole group?

Depending on your content area, there may be specific criteria regarding small group/whole group instruction. Please refer to your handbook and/or consult with your University Supervisor for more detailed instructions.

When registering with Pearson, what portfolio system do I choose?

You will choose "Integrated edTPA Platform Provider System."

What do my error messages mean?

It depends on what the message says. If it refers to file size or file type, it is likely a Tk20 error and can be resolved by contacting tk20@mtsu.edu. If it refers to the number of files, authorization code, or invalid assessment, you will need to contact Pearson Customer Support at 1-866-565-4872. You will need to have online access when you call.

I uploaded the wrong document to Tk20. How do I correct this?

Refer to the Tk20 User Guide here.

How do I edit my video clip(s)?

You will not technically "edit" your clip(s). All edTPA handbooks clearly state that the video clip(s) must be continuous. You will clip your video for length and compress for file size requirements.

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