Dr. Mpoyi has served on several committees at the department, college and university levels: 

1. Middle Tennessee State University:


Department of Management:

I chaired a few departmental committees, including: Tenure and Promotion committee (2012-2013), the Strategic Management and International Business Discipline committee, Student Assessment committee. Also, I have served on several committees as a member. 

College of Business:

I chaired the International Competencies Exam Revision committee (2008-2009). In addition, since joining the Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University in 1998, I have been serving on the Assessment committee. In 1997-1998, I was a member of the Assessment committee in the College of Business and Technology at Western Illinois University.

University-level service:

Since 1999, I have served on the following university committees: International Education and Exchange committee, Loan and Scholarship committee, General Education committee, advisory Committee on International Programs & Services, University Discipline committee, Admission and Standards committee, University Curriculum committee, academic Computing committee, and TAsk Force on Best Practices.