This year's campaign theme, Your Change can make a Change, reflects our goal to increase participation in the annual giving drive among our more than 2,200 employees at the University. Offices, departments, centers and units within MTSU's colleges and administration that record full participation by employees will receive special recognition during the campaign.

Full-time employees must use the online giving form  to participate in the drive. However, the online form will not work for part-time employees, who must contact Allison McGoffin to make a donation. Other details from kickoff include:

  • All employees who participate will be eligible for weekly prize drawings during the campaign! We’ll draw for prizes on Thursdays and announce winners on Fridays.
  • The grand prizes include four reserved parking spaces on campus, complete with a customized sign, that will be made available for the 2022 Spring and Fall semesters at locations close to the offices of the drawing winners.
  • An array of True Blue gear will also be given away to participants during each week of the campaign.
  • Division team captains are asked to alert Mary Purdom in Marketing and Communications about any campaign events, activities, displays or other ways to show spirit and encouragement. Every effort will be made to publicize those activities through our University websites.

Prize Winners

Week 5 Bonus Drawing
Lightning Christmas Tree Ornament
Kimball Bullington
True Blue Polo
Nina Endsley
Business & Finance
True Blue 11 oz. Travel Mug
Melissa Towe
Student Support Services
True Blue Backpack
Julie Hopkins
Social Work
True Blue Auto Sun Shade
Raholanda White
True Blue Duffel Bag
Scott Seipel
Information Systems & Analytics
True Blue Acrylic Bowl
Lynn Adams
Alumni Relations
True Blue Retro Lunchbox
Chengshan Wang
Aviator Sunglasses
Mike Boyle
University Studies
Week 5 Drawing
True Blue Parking Spot Dong Ye Mathematical Sciences
Lightning Christmas Tree Ornament Anthony Gentile Business & Finance
True Blue Polo Sara Musgrove Accounting
True Blue 11 oz. Travel Mug Melanie Collins Financial Aid & Scholarships
True Blue Backpack Pamela McCluney University Studies
True Blue Auto Sun Shade Suzanne Beller Financial Aid & Scholarships
True Blue Duffel Bag Yvonne Creighton Nursing
True Blue Retro Lunchbox Jamie Brewer Campus Planning
Aviator Sunglasses Salvador Barbosa Computer Science
Week 4  Bonus Drawing
Find Your True Blue Groove T-Shirt & Mask  Danielle Rochelle MT One Stop
Lightning Christmas Tree Ornament Jessie Weatherly Chemistry
Pen and Flashlight Set Randy Clark Marketing
True Blue Large Duffel Bag Christy Weir MT One Stop
Zipper Organizer Bag Kathy Hill Athletics
Blue Tooth Phone Umbrella DeAnne Priddis Communication Studies
Week 4 Drawing
True Blue Parking Spot Charlie Gregory Student Recreation Center
Find Your True Blue Groove T-Shirt & Mask  Walker Todd Economics & Finance
Lightning Christmas Tree Ornament Eric Bartlett Athletics
Pen and Flashlight Set Aaron Schmuhl Information Security Services
True Blue Large Duffel Bag Julie Black George Health & Human Performance
Phone Umbrella Shannon Black Psychology
Lightning Backpack Melissa Hawkins College of Business
Week 3 Drawing
True Blue Parking Spot Amy Foster CBHS Advising
Aviator Sunglasses Sarah Garven Accounting
True Blue Duffel Bag DeAnn Hays Academic Marketing
True Blue Acrylic Bowl Amy Korstange Housing Administration
True Blue Coaster Set Bichaka Fayissa Economics & Finance
Week 2 Drawing
True Blue Parking Spot LeAnn Sensing Financial Aid & Scholarships
True Blue Cooler Donna Owens-Gibson Social Work
True Blue Polo Kim Floyd-Tune Nursing
True Blue Coffee Mug Dauthan Keener CBHS Advising
True Blue Neoprene Lunch Bag Lisa Johnson Undergraduate Recruitment
Week 1 Drawing
True Blue Backpack Darby Campbell-Firkus Jones College of Business
True Blue Travel Mug Betsy Drown Walker Library
I Am True Blue T-Shirt Tonya Grata Information Systems & Analytics
True Blue Retro Lunchbox Maria King TN CEFEE
True Blue Auto Sun Shade Yen Qualls ITD- AISS


If you have any questions, feel free to email me or your division team captain. Thank you for your consideration.