This year's campaign theme, Tradition of Giving, reflects our goal to increase participation in the annual giving drive among our more than 2,200 employees at the University. Offices, departments, centers and units within MTSU's colleges and administration that record full participation by employees will receive special recognition during the campaign.

Full-time employees must use the online giving form to participate in the drive. However, the online form will not work for part-time employees, who must contact Allison McGoffin to make a donation. Other details from kickoff include:

  • All employees who participate will be eligible for a prize drawing at the conclusion of the campaign. The grand prizes include three reserved parking spaces on campus, complete with a customized sign, that will be made available for the 2020 Spring and Fall semesters at locations close to the offices of the drawing winners.
  • Division team captains are asked to alert Tara Hollins in Marketing and Communications about any campaign events, activities, displays or other ways to show spirit and encouragement. Every effort will be made to publicize those activities through our University websites.

Prize Winners

Bonus Drawings
Christoph Rosenmuller True Blue socks History
Eve Jones True Blue Cross journal ITD
Pudji Sutarso True Blue umbrella  Institutional Effectiveness
Caitlin Clough True Blue polo MT One Stop
Mary Farone True Blue polo Biology
Aston Rhoden True Blue can cooler Womens Soccer
Cheryl Torsney True Blue can cooler University Provost
H. Stephen Smith True Blue tumbler Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Lana Seivers True Blue tumbler Dean, College of Education
Kelsey Townsell True Blue t-shirt Enrollment Technical Services
Stephen Wright True Blue long-sleeved polo Biology
Jamie Burris True Blue notebook Research & Sponsord Programs
Debbie Warren True Blue hat ITD
John Vile True Blue backpack Dean, University Honors College
Saeed Foroudastan True Blue can cooler Dean  Basic and Applie Sciences
Kim Collins True Blue can cooler Career Development Center
Ann Maples-Vaught True Blue notebook Campus Planning
Susan Bradley True Blue notebook Accounting
Leslie Haines True Blue polo Journalism and Strategic Media
Brandon Jones True Blue polo Housing Administration
Charlotte Caruthers True Blue tumbler ITD
Christine Eschenfelder True Blue tumbler Journalism and Strategic Media
Chris Piety True Blue basketball t-shirt ITD
Sarah Gwinn True Blue blanket Adams Chair
Yuan Ling Chao True Blue blanket History
Mark Abolins True Blue can cooler Geosciences
Jessica Carter True Blue can cooler Agriculture
Marinda Clouthier True Blue notebook Disability and Access Center
Elizabeth Abernathy True Blue notebook Accounting
James Foster True Blue polo ITD
Sara Read True Blue polo Disability and Access Center
Week 4 Drawing
Steve Lewis True Blue socks Marketing
Pat Thomas True Blue polo President's Office
Chong Chen True Blue can cooler Engineering Technology
Tim Greer True Blue tumbler Information Systems & Analytics
Allison McGoffin True Blue socks University Provost
Judy Monroe True Blue polo Behavioral & Health Sciences
Alana Johnson True Blue can cooler ITD
Betsy Drown True Blue tumbler Walker Library
Tina Hall True Blue socks Health & Human Performance
Lisa McCann True Blue blanket Dean, Media & Entertainment
Martie Opial True Blue backpack Undergraduate Recruitment 
Joann Batson True Blue Cross Journal ITD
Theresa Stevenson True Blue umbrella ITD
Keith Gamble True Blue socks Economics & Finance
Beverly Smithson Parking Spot #4 Facilities Services Admin
Week 3 Drawing
Maigan Wipfli True Blue blanket Student Programming
Tayo Bailey-Duvall True Blue backpack Athletic Director
Vicki Dewitt True Blue Cross journal Housing Administration
Nancy James True Blue umbrella Child Care Lab
Mona Snell True Blue blanket University College Administration
Ty Whitaker True Blue backpack Education Resource Channel
Amber Bollinger True Blue Cross journal Dean College of Business
Eric Clark True Blue polo Student Health Services
Mary Ellen Fromuth True Blue umbrella Psychology
Chris Brewer True Blue can cooler Institutional Effectiveness
Britt Young True Blue tumbler Vice Provost Research & Dean Grad Studies
Bill McCord Community Shares watter bottle Financial Aid & Scholarships
Robert Holtzclaw Parking Spot #3 English
Week 2 Drawing
Ashley Morris True Blue tumbler Biology
Danielle Gruber True Blue umbrella Small Business Development Center
Paula Malone True Blue notebook Media & Entertainment
Yen Qualls True Blue backpack ITD
Amy Dewberry True Blue socks Student-Athlete Enhancement Center
Tammy York True Blue blanket MT One Stop
Greg Nagel True Blue hat Economics & Finance
April Magnuson Parking Spot #2 Student Health Services
Week 1 Drawing
Darrel Towe True Blue hat Murphy Center
Phillip Harvey True Blue umbrella Housing
Jeffry Porter True Blue blankey Research & Sponsored Programs
Suzanne Mangrum True Blue can cooler Library
Melinda Korzaan Parking Spot #1 Information Systems & Analytics


If you have any questions, feel free to email me or your division team captain. Thank you for your consideration.