Transition Process


Transition Manager, Emily Steinway, supports the mission of the Daniels Center primarily by providing assistance with Enrollment and Encouragement. As you work your way through the admissions process, choosing the right G.I. Bill and major, enrolling in classes, and getting involved on campus, she is here to serve you.   


What are some ways that our Transition Manager can help you?

Prior Learning Assessment

Our Transition Manager is able to provide guidance regarding academic credit for military experience.  She is the official staff members who inputs your documents into MTSU's system.  Please note, a DD214 is required of all veterans using benefits.  If you are an Air Force veteran, you must submit your CCAF transcript.  And it is highly recommended that all other branches submit their JST, as well.

Residency/In-State Tuition

For all students within our community (active duty, veterans and dependents), the Transition Manager will also be handling your residency requests.  Through Tennessee's Public Chapter-31 (PC-31) and other state and Federal laws, she may be able to assist you in gaining in-state tuition. 

General Welfare

Our Transition Manager is here to serve you in your academic journey and to ensure that if there are any concerns, you have someone to call on for help.  She can aid in developing a unique plan that will encourage and guide you, no matter the obstacles.  She is able to draw on the resources of the University and the VA.   Additionally, she and Mr. Shane Smith will be leading a group of your student peers to help you while attending MTSU.  Whether it be study habits, academic issues with faculty or staff, assisting with off-campus issues of home or family, Emily and Shane, are always glad to discuss options during your academic journey.

Campus Experience

Emily is a Navy veterans and a current graduate students at MTSU. From advice, networking and connections with fellow student veterans, housing, child care, or discussing potential changes in programming/policies, she strives to improve the quality of service we provide you and every member of our military community.