Getting Involved In Undergraduate Research

The following are some of the many ways that you can increase your research training in psychology:

Take additional research courses for credit

    • PSY 3990 (Independent Research) -- This course usually involves working with a faculty member on an existing research project. Most faculty who offer 3990 sections encourage or require their students to present their research at a conference. Contact individual faculty members if you are interested in doing Independent Research. Click here to see the names of faculty who regularly supervise undergraduate students. (Student Research Directory)
    • PSY 4080 (Advanced Research Methods) -- This course is required for students in the Pre-Graduate Concentration, but is open to all students.
    • PSY 4000 (Psychology Seminar) -- This course can be taken as a literature review course, working with an individual faculty member. Contact individual faculty members if you think you might want to do a literature review.

Present your research at a local, regional, or national conference

Submit your research manuscripts to an undergraduate research journal