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Saturday, February 4

 [LOB=Lobby; TENN=Tennessee Room; DRC=Dining Room C; HAZL=Hazelwood Room]

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Registration [LOB]


Opening Remarks [TENN]


 Methods [DRC]

Development of Japanese Literacy through Online-Based Portfolio Assessment

  • Shinobu Watanabe (University of Memphis);
  • Yuki Matsuda (University of Memphis)

Methods [HAZL]

Inside of Japanese Immersion program

  • Noriko Abe (EE Waddell Language Academy);
  • Mayako Hamrick (EE Waddell Language Academy)  


 Language Acquisition [DRC]

Examining the Source of Positive Transfer from L1 Chinese Hanzi to L2 Japanese Kanji: Orthographic Similarities and their Contribution to Recognition

  • Hironori Nishi (University of Memphis);
  • Jun Xu (University of Denver)

 Literature [HAZL]

Teaching Japanese Literature in English Translation

  • Chiaki Takagi (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)


Break [LOB]


Methods [DRC]

How to Develop Essay Writing Skills for Intermediate Students


  • Hiroshi Tajima (Brown University)

 Methods [HAZL]

Exploring the Applicability of Debating Activity in the Intermediate Oral Communication Class

  • Fumie Kato (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)


Culture [DRC]

An Intercultural Approach to Teaching Japanese

  • Xuexin Liu (Spelman College)

 Culture [HAZL]

Exploring Cultural Impacts on Japanese Language Instruction

  • Huanshu Yuan (University of Washington)


Project Based [DRC]

Reflections on the Kakehashi Project: Participants Experiences and Initiatives

  • Naoko Kurokawa (Duke University);
  • Hitomi Endo (Duke University)

 Project Based [HAZL]

An Attempt at a New Project Style for Advanced Japanese Learners: A History Class Taught by Students


  • Yasuko Matsumoto (Harvard University)


Lunch/Business Meeting [TENN]


Technology [DRC]

Connecting a Classroom and an Instructor in Different Locations

  • Mayumi Ishida (Dartmouth College)

 Technology [HAZL]

Kana Mastery in Hand!: Application of A New Mobile App Kana Bimoji for Learning to Write Japanese Characters


  • Taku Okamoto (Purdue University);
  • Ryosuke Sano (Purdue University)


Project Based [DRC]

The Implementation and Student Perceptions of a Japan-U.S. Telecollaboration Project

  • Kathy Negrelli (Kennesaw State University)

 Project Based [HAZL]

Effectively Organizing a Sustainable Japanese Language Volunteer Program

[継続可能な日本語ボランティアプログラム:効果的な運営方法について ]

  • Yasuo Uotate (University of Florida);
  • Risa Wada (University of Florida)


 Articulation [DRC]

Implementation of Can-Do Statements in the Genki I Japanese Courses

  • Eiko Isogai Williams (University of Miami);
  • Yoko Sakurai (Japan Foundation-New York);
  • Mako Nozu (University of South Florida);
  • Naoko Komura (Florida International University)
  • Takami Taylor (University of West Florida)

 Methods [HAZL]

Corpus Informed Kanji List: What Is It? And Should it be Used in Japanese Courses?

  • Shinji Shimoura (University of South Florida)


 Articulation [DRC]

Developing Tasks Using Authentic Materials through Teacher Collaboration

  • Yasuko Takata Rallings (Wake Forest University);
  • Yuki Matsuda (University of Memphis);
  • Mayako Hamrick (EE Waddell Language Academy)

 Articulation [HAZL]

The Development and Expansion of the Community Through Articulation Projects in the Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese

  • Soichiro Motohashi (AFTJ/ Western Carolina University);
  • Brian Hagihara (University of South Florida)


Break [LOB]


Keynote Lecture [TENN]

Pragmatics for Teachers and Students of Japanese


Dr. Mutsuko Endo Hudson (Michigan State University)


Dinner [LOB] [TENN]



Sunday, February 5

[LOB=Lobby; TENN=Tennessee Room; DRC=Dining Room C; HAZL=Hazelwood Room]

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Pedagogy Workshop [TENN]

Let’s understand and explain “errors” from pragmatics point of view!


Dr. Mutsuko Endo Hudson (Michigan State University)


 Methods [DRC]

Analysis in Practice: Engaging Language Learners with Digital Videos

  • Harumi Miyake (Emory University)

 Methods [HAZL]

J-CAN Project: Teaching Grammar as a Concept and Using it in Context

  • Takae Tsujioka (George Washington University)
  • Hiromi Lamberson (Green Run HIgh School)
  • Junko Markovic (University of Cincinnati)
  • Yukiyo Moorman (Walt Whitman High School)
  • Kyoko Vaughan (Hayfield Secondary School)


 Methods [DRC]

Learning to Feel Like Yourself in a Second Language: Utilizing Online Video Interviews to Study Individualized Speech Styles in Japanese

  • Michiru Ichihara Lowe (Vanderbilt University)

 Project Based [HAZL]

Revisit Students-Generated Video Projects in Language Teaching from a Social-Cultural Approach

  • Yan Wang (Carthage College)


 Culture [DRC]

How to Incorporate Culture into a Language Class


  • Junko Tezuka-Arnold (East Tennessee State University);
  • Asami Nakano (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

 Culture [HAZL]

Challenges Faced by a Language Instructor to Design a Japanese Pop Culture Course to Students with no Japanese Language Background

  • Yumiko Tashiro (Washington and Lee University)


Closing/Networking/Evaluation [TENN]


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