Upcoming Events and Deadlines for Fall 2016



Aug 22 Classes begin
Aug 23-26 Thesis PROPOSAL workshops
Sep 1 GRE Workshop
Sep 6-9 Sophomore-Senior Thesis workshops
Sep 12 Ice Cream Social (HONR courtyard-4:00 to 5:00 pm)  Ice Cream Social
Sep 12-14 Freshmen (First Year) workshops
Sep 19 Sophomore-Senior Thesis workshop
Sep 22 Freshmen (First Year) workshop
Sep 27 Freshmen (First Year) workshop
Sep 30 Honors Contracts due for Fall 2016    FORM
Sep 30 Study Abroad Scholarship deadline for winter 2016 programs
Sep 30 Honors advising deadline for Priority Registration
Oct 3 UH 4900 proposals due
Oct 24 Theses Due
Oct 30 Study Abroad Scholarship deadline for Spring 2017 programs
Nov 4 Early Registration
Nov 30 Last Day of Classes
Dec 1 Study Day
Dec 2-8 Finals
Dec 10 Graduation


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