210 Gallery

Welcome to the 210 Student Gallery! The 210 Gallery is a space that allows for MTSU Art & Design students the opportunity to curate an art show or show their own work in a gallery space. Below you will find the current semester 210 Gallery Schedule as well as information and images from the current showing. If you would like to show your work or have any questions, contact Eric Snyder, Gallery Coordinator, at eric.snyder@mtsu.edu to submit a proposal.

2018 Fall Schedule

Week 1: August 27-September 1, 2018

 Brianna Brescka

Week 2: September 5-21, 2018 

 Olivia Jackson

Week 5: September 24-29, 2018

 Jacob Yandle | 1Liner Show

Week 6: October 1-6, 2018

 Jacob Yandle

Week 7: October 8-14, 2018

 Amanda Shelton

Weeks 8 and 9: October 15-28, 2018

Tanner Pancake | Candy Magic Show

Week 10: October 29-November 4, 2018

 Foundations– Student class work from Drawing I, Drawing II, 2D Design, and 3D Design

Week 11: November 5-11, 2018

 Candace Yancy

Week 12-13: November 12-25, 2018

Art and Design AIGA Juried Student Exhibit

Week 15: December 1-8, 2018

Bachelors of Fine Arts Exhibit in Studio Art

Current Exhibition:

Candy Magic Show

Curated by Tanner Pancake; Participating Artists include: Tanner Pancake, Hannah Pielak, Kelsey Hannah, Noelle Dederer, Clinton Hamilton (Belmont), Hannah McMurray, Morgan Westerbeck, Ian Cooper, Kerri Anne Burke-White, John Fuller, Sara Rodriguez, and Kara Stallings.
The Candy Magic Show is a Group Exhibition wherein students created works based on candy, magic, or candy magic. There is a multitude of mediums including Lithography, Resin sculpture, CANDY SCULPTURE, and paintings. This cheerful gallery is a celebration of positivity and light heartedness.


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