210 Gallery

Welcome to the 210 Student Gallery! The 210 Gallery is a space that allows for MTSU Art & Design students the opportunity to curate an art show or show their own work in a gallery space. Below you will find the current semester 210 Gallery Schedule as well as information and images from the current showing.

2019 Spring Schedule

February 2nd - 14th
Sheri Selph: Interactive Design Student Work

February 16th - 21st
Sheri Selph & Noël Lorson

February 23rd - March 10th
The Beginnings

March 12th - 21st
Western Kentucky Exchange Art Show

March 23rd - 28th
The Dickson Dip - Fix the Hole!

April 6th - 12th
The Painterpuff Girls! Senior Show
[Bachelors of Fine Art - Studio Art]

April 20th - 26th
Illustration Art Show

 Would you like to show your work in a gallery? Reserve a spot in the upcoming 2019 Spring Semester at our SignUp Genius. When reserving a gallery showing slot, you are responsible for installing your work before the opening date. If for any reason you can no longer fulfill your reserved spot, you must cancel, at a minimum, 2 weeks prior to your opening date. If your cancellation does not fall within the allotted cancellation date, you will be restricted form showing in any of our galleries for the remaining academic school year.

Current Exhibition:



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