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Welcome to the 210 Student Gallery! The 210 Gallery is a space that allows MTSU Art & Design students the opportunity to curate an art show or show their own work in a gallery space. Below you will find the current semester 210 Gallery Schedule as well as information from recent past exhibits.

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Covid-19 and Art and Design Activities and Events

Todd Art Gallery, 210 Gallery, and Glass Gallery are open for your viewing per in-place campus precautions. 

Please note:

What about other events on campus?

All on-campus events postponed until further notice (including official university events, student events, non-University or external events, co-sponsored events and university-sponsored events). Art Exhibits are available for viewing with applicable Covid-19 precautions in place.

Student Art Galleries Open for Viewing

For additional information:  MTSU Coronavirus Updates
 GALLERY HOURS – MONDAY–FRIDAY, 8:30 A.M.–4:30 P.M., SATURDAY, 11:00 A.M.–4:00 P.M.

Spring 2022 Calendar

Week 1, Sat., Jan 15 – Wed., Jan 19


Data Selfies - Sheri Selph’s Portfolio II Class

Week 2, Sat., Jan 22 – Wed., Jan 26


Data Selfies - Sheri Selph’s Portfolio II Class

Week 3, Sat., Jan 29 – Wed., Feb 2


Hanieh Bazari

Week 4, Sat., Feb 5 – Wed., Feb 9


                                      Bailey Wrenne                                      

W-5, Sat., Feb 12 – Wed., Feb 16


Bailey Wrenne

W-6, Sat., Feb 19 – Wed., Feb 22


Ana Cannon

W-7, Sat., Feb 26 – Wed., Mar 2


Chelsea Gardiner

W-8 & 9, Sat., Mar 5 – Wed., Mar 16


Chelsea Gardiner

W-10, Sat., Mar 19 – Wed., Mar 23


Still-Life Painting Class - Melissa Newman

W-11, Sat., Mar 26 – Wed, Mar 30


Still-Life Painting Class - Melissa Newman

W-12, Sat., Apr 2 – Wed., Apr 6


Studio Art BFA Install

W-13, Sat, Apr 9 – Wed., Apr 13


Studio Art BFA Exhibit

W-14, Sat., Apr 16 – Wed., Apr 20


Graphic Design BFA Install

W-15, Sat., Apr 23 – Wed., Apr 27


Graphic Design BFA Exhibit

Week 16, Sat., Apr 30–Wed, May 4


Winners' Circle K-12 Exhibit

Spring 2021 | 210 Highlights

210 Gallery - Boxed | Package Design - Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Student Gallery Exhibits 
210 Gallery

 Video highlights Natalie Patton Quiltessa's recent exhibit  in the 210 Gallery which was organized and curated by Art and Design students Ana Cannon, Chelsea Gardiner, and Shanice Scudder. Video courtesy of Web4U2

 Would you like to show your work in a gallery? Reserve a spot here! When reserving a gallery showing slot, you are responsible for installing your work before the opening date. If for any reason you can no longer fulfill your reserved spot, you must cancel, at a minimum, 2 weeks prior to your opening date. If your cancellation does not fall within the allotted cancellation date, you will be restricted form showing in any of our galleries for the remaining academic school year.

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