Office of Business and Finance

Organization Chart


Bursar's Office Staff | (Student Fees and Fee Payments)
Student Services and Admissions Center (SSAC), Room 290, 615-898-2111
Bursar's Office (615) 904-8476
MT OneStop (615) 898-2111


Business Office Staff (Main Office) | Cope Administration Building, Room 103
Kathy Thurman Associate VP for Business and Finance (615) 898-2542
Martha Slaybaugh Executive Secretary (615) 898-2542 
Denise Hollowell Controller  (615) 898-5703 
Jordan Welborn Coordinator (615) 898-2541


Financial Compliance | Cope Administration Building, Room 103
Carroll Lewis Director of Financial Compliance (615) 898-5912
Keith Stokes Assistant Director, Merchant Compliance (615) 494-7739


Financial Systems | Cope Administration Building, Room 103
Carol Rozell Director of Financial Systems  (615) 898-5218
Ann Whitefield Manager, Pcard Compliance (615) 898-8813
Tammie Dye Coordinator, Pcard Compliance (615) 904-8259


Financial Services | Cope Administration Building, Room 103
Markheia Swearengen Director of Financial Services (615) 898-2861
Ryan Ellison Assistant Dir (615)-898-5299
Brenda Chapman Accountant II (615)-898-2170


Accounting Services Staff | Cope Administration Building, Room 106
Ben Jones
Responsibilities: Financial Reporting, Managerial Reporting, General Accounting
Director of Accounting Services (615) 898-5328            
Merredith Mooth
Responsibilities: Tax Compliance
Assistant Director of Tax Compliance (615) 904-8328
James Woulfe
Responsibilities: Grants and Contracts
Assistant Director, Grants and Contracts  (615) 898-2171
Patti Dampier
Responsibilities: Grant Accounts
Financial Analyst II (615) 898-5612
Jackie Morton
Responsibilities: Grant Accounts
Financial Analyst II (615) 898-2024
Nina Endsley
Responsibilities: Payable Operations
Accounts Payable Manager (615) 898-2174
Hannah Brown
Responsibilities: Vendor Payments A and O-S, Payments for Library
Account Clerk III (615) 494-7851 
Susan Harris 

Responsibilities: Vendor T-Z Memberships & Subscriptions, Honorariums, Stipends

Account Clerk III (615) 898-2176
Tracey Howard
Responsibilities: Vendor Payments H-N Student Agency Reimbursements
Account Clerk III (615) 904-8166
Tina Mills
Responsibilities: Vendor Payments B-G
Account Clerk III (615) 898-2942
Tamala Pincheon
Responsibilities: Travel Reimbursements and Travel Advancements, Vendors I-Z
Account Clerk III (615) 898-2941
Gayla Wilson
Responsibilities: Travel Reimbursements and Travel Advancements, Vendors A-H
Account Clerk III (615) 898-2172


Foundation Accounting | Wood-Stegall Center, Room 116
Nancy Martin
Responsibilities: Foundation Accounting
Director Foundation Accounting (615) 494-7675
Natalie Scothern Foundation Accountant II (615) 904-8165


Bursar's Office Staff | (Student Fees and Fee Payments)
Student Services and Admissions Center (SSAC), Room 290
Becky Bussell Bursar  (615) 898-5140    
Michael Harlan
Assistant Bursar (615) 898-2166
Karen Moser
Responsibilities: Student drop/add, withdrawal, and miscellaneous Refunds. 
Account Clerk III, Student Refunds (615) 898-5647
Sherri Justice
Responsibilities: Third Party Accounts Receivable including, Vocational Rehab, Veteran's Rehab, Employer Scholarships
Account Clerk III, Third Party Accounts (615) 898-2167
Nicole Llopis
Responsibilities: Data Entry for all student accounts and refunds, Billing address correction
Account Clerk I (615) 898-5145
Francine Mullins
Responsibilities: Returned Check Collections, Raider Funds
Account Clerk II (615) 898-5079
Vicki Pare
Responsibilities: Graduate Assistants, Fee Discounts & Waivers
Account Clerk II (615) 898-5140
Susan Quinn
Responsibilities: Student account collections
Account Clerk II (615) 898-5716 
Jessica Pierson
Responsibilities: Military Sponsor billing, Post 9/11 GI Bill payments, Perkins loan questions, short term loan disbursement
Account Clerk III (615) 898-2763
Andrew Goodwin
Responsibilities: Financial aid refunds
Account Clerk III (615) 898-2762
Shannon Jobe
Responsibilities: Registration payments, student account payments
Lead Cashier  (615) 898-5415  
Deliah Reed
Responsibilities: Registration payments, student account payments
Cashier (615) 898-5415  


Business and Finance Technology Support Services
Cope Administration Building, Room 102
Ty Nelson Systems Support Specialist (615) 494-7739
Contact Information


Cope Administration Building,
Room #103
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132