As a function of Accounting Services, we are responsible for reviewing and processing all travel claims for reimbursement in accordance with the MTSU travel policy.

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New Travel Application: Chrome River

The Office of Business and Finance has implemented a new travel application for processing travel authorization requests and travel expenses claims. For an overview concerning Chrome River, the new travel application, please see our Zoom Meeting  with the Middle Tennessee Administrative Professionals on Tuesday, June 13th, 2023. The presentation includes basic navigation, example expense reports, general guidance, and answers to questions. For additional guidance, please also see our August 2nd, 2023 Teams Meeting with the Jones College of Business that demonstrates out-of-state travel. 

Pre-approvals (Travel Authorization Requests) may be entered in Chrome River for travel beginning on July 1st, 2023 and beyond. Departments may also use Chrome River for Expense Reports (Travel Expenses Claims) that do not/did not require Pre-approvals (Travel Authorization Requests). The Business Office recommends starting with simpler claims (expense reports) to learn the basic navigation for the new application. Once departments can successfully navigate Chrome River, they may begin using Chrome River for most travel unless directed otherwise. Travel Authorization Requests submitted in Dynamic Forms will require Travel Expenses Claims to be submitted in Dynamic Forms. Chrome River Expense Reports cannot be submitted for Travel Authorization Requests submitted in Dynamic Forms. 

The Business Office is currently training individual departments and providing overview sessions for campus personnel. If you would like training for your department, please contact Accounting Services to set up a meeting time. 

Chrome River

Travel Dynamic Forms

Departments should now submit the Travel Authorization Request and the Travel Expenses Claim on separate Dynamic Forms. MTSU will no longer use the Excel version of the Travel Expenses Claim or the .pdf version of the Travel Authorization Request. Visitors will now sign the Dynamic Forms, and they will need to establish Dynamic Forms accounts and retain their login credentials for future travel. Departments should now use the Travel Expenses Claim for mileage only reimbursement requests, and claims should not include commuting miles. Accounting Services no longer accepts paper versions of the forms. Departments should no longer use the Travel Authorization/Travel Claim Routing Form to submit travel authorization requests and expense claims.

For general guidance concerning the travel dynamic forms, please see our Zoom Meeting with the Middle Tennessee Administrative Professionals (formerly ASCE) on Thursday, May 26th, 2022. The presentation includes questions and answers. Accounting Services has improved the forms based on the feedback provided.

Please note that payment requests for webinars, virtual conferences, and events that do not involve travel are not considered “travel” and should not be submitted via travel dynamic forms. Please use Account Code 74495 when accounting for these payment requests.




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