Campus Quest! Graduate Studies Virtual Scavenger Hunt

August 22-26, 2022

Get ready to go on a virtual quest across campus!

Discover resources available to MTSU graduate students, including the many academic, social, recreational, and career supports from across campus! Learn where to find important information like how to make study room reservations, and uncover the story behind some historic campus scenery. Tally up points from each task you complete and earn tickets for a chance to win MTSU-themed prizes such as tumblers, rain jackets, and a cooler with wheels and backpack straps!

Sign up for the fall scavenger hunt starting August 10. The tasks will be available to complete beginning August 22. Participants have until midnight on August 26 to earn points for the prize drawing. Good luck!

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Scavenger Hunt

(Text-only scavenger hunt available)


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(Text-only instructions available)
Return after August 29 to view the winners!

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Questions? To reach out to Graduate Studies, email, call (615) 898-2840, or text (615) 813-2154.