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Health Services


In general, for sick or injured students there is no cost for the provider portion of the office visit as it is covered by the Student Health Fee. In the event a clinic visit requires a physical exam, procedures, supplies or medical equipment, labs, or any additional testing, the patient may incur charges and is expected to pay for any charges on the day the services are provided. The fee charged is based on the cost to the center.

In-Office Labs/Tests

Medical bills can be quite confusing. This can be particularly so with lab charges. MTSU does not have the ability to file insurance for in-office labs and testing like CBC, Strep, Flu, Mono, urine testing, etc.  Students are required to pay for these on the day of service and can receive an itemized statement to file with their insurance themselves.

Send Out Labs

Many of our labs are sent to American Esoteric Laboratories (AEL). Students have the option to pay for the lab on the day of service or let AEL file with the insurance company, or they can choose to have AEL file the charges with their insurance company directly. 

Option 1 – Pay Health Services for Labs (RECOMMENDED)

This is the preferred option because Health Services is able to provide discounted rates for the labs they perform.  Statements are available so students can submit these charges to their insurance company to be applied to their deductible or to be reimbursed.

  • If labs are found to be abnormal, there may be additional charges from AEL which will be the student’s responsibility.

Option 2 – Submit Insurance Information to AEL With Your Labs

AEL’s contracted rate will be higher than MTSU’s rate.  By choosing to use your medical insurance for labs you are consenting to AEL to file your insurance. 

  • Any balance remaining after insurance has paid will be owed by the student to AEL, not MTSU Health Services.
    • Please note that most students have not met their deductible.  In this instance all charges would be the responsibility of the student/family at the higher insurance rate.
  • If students choose to file directly with insurance, we are unable to later reverse charges to the lower Health Services rate.

Payment Options

We accept Raider Funds, Cash, Credit Cards, HSA Cards, and Checks. Students cannot elect to charge to their MTSU student account. We do not bill insurance for our services; however, your insurance information is needed at time of service for any possible referrals or lab work. 

$10 Charge for No Shows

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8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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