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Healthy Skin Clinic

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Health Services is proud to offer a new clinic option in which our highly trained staff can evaluate your minor skin concerns. While our primary care appointments can also assess your skin’s needs, the new clinic will offer convenient appointments to work with you specifically about your skin care questions.

Common Concerns

We can assess a variety of common skin and hair concerns including:

  • Acne – Acne can be an embarrassing condition. Thankfully it can be treated effectively to minimize breakouts and limit scarring. Treatment options may include topical creams and antibiotics.
  • Rashes, eczema and psoriasis – Rashes are common and can be caused by allergic reactions or infections, but they could also be a sign of a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis. Treatments could involve antihistamines, topical or oral antibiotics, steroids, lotions, soaps and shampoos.
  • Birthmarks, moles and warts – Marks on your skin can be any number of things. We can help assess whether a spot is something to be concerned about. Melanoma is the most worrisome form of skin cancer. Some of the features may include:
    1. Asymmetry. One half is unlike the other half.
    2. Border. An irregular, scalloped or poorly defined border.
    3. Color. Is varied from one area to another; has shades of tan, brown or black; is sometimes red, white or blue.
    4. Diameter. Melanomas are usually greater than the size of a pencil eraser when diagnosed, but some may be smaller.
    5. Evolving. A mole or skin lesion that looks different from the rest or is changing in size, shape or color.

      If you notice any of these changes it is very important to see a dermatologist as soon as possible for further evaluation. We can help you with a referral if needed.
  • Hair loss can be caused by a variety of conditions. We can help evaluate the cause of your loss of hair and discuss treatment options with you.
  • Minor burns can often be managed with ointments and regular dressings to help prevent infections.
  • Ingrown toe nails are inconvenient and can often be very painful. If you have a painful toe with redness and swelling at the edge of a nail it is likely you have an ingrown toe nail. Sometimes warm soaks and antibiotics can help but you may need part of your nail removed in order for your toe to heal. We offer this treatment option in our clinic.
  • Other skin changes like itchy scalps, dry skin, skin discoloration, wounds, etc.

Please Note

If we are unable to serve your needs at our clinic, we will take the time to discuss your treatment options and can even assist you with a referral to a local dermatologist for further evaluation if needed.

$10 Charge for No Shows

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