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Measles cases are increasingly prevalent across the country, including Tennessee. All MTSU students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to talk with their health care professional to insure vaccinations are current to reduce the spread of the disease.

Measles cases are infectious four days before rash onset through four days after rash onset. Time between exposure and rash onset is 14 days (range 7-21 days). Measles is transmitted via respiratory droplets and is highly infectious. The virus may linger in the air of a room for up to two hours after an infectious person has left the area.

Clinical Symptoms

Measles begins with a fever (up to 105°F) and cough, runny nose, and conjunctivitis. Small bluish-white spots with red bases may be sometimes seen inside the mouth on the cheek areas. Rash onset is typically 3-7 days after onset of the initial symptoms, beginning on the face and spreading downward.

Please contact Student Health at 615-898-2988 if you have concerns about measles exposure or illness.

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