Honors Council 2020-2021

The Honors Council meets one to two times each semester for approximately 1 hour.  Our main order of business is to review and approve departmental courses for Honors credit and review and approve Honors Faculty nominations.    All materials for review are placed in D2L.  Meetings take place in the Honors Building Conference Room.  


Dr. John DuBois receives Honor Council Service Award


Dr. John DuBois, Professor in the Department of Biology, served as Honors Council Chairperson for the 2020 - 2021 academic year.  Dr. John Vile, Dean, and Dr. Philip Phillips, Associate Dean, appreciate our Council Chairs!  

John DuBois HC Award



Spring 2021 Honors Council Meeting by Zoom


Honors Council 2021

Top row: Dr. Phillips, Associate Dean (Honors College); Kelsey Keith, Honors Student, Dr. John DuBois (Council Chair – BAS/Biology), Sandra Campbell (Executive Secretary)
2nd row: Dr. Michelle Boyer-Pennington (BHS/Psychology) Dr. Amanda Flagg (Council Vice Chair - BHS/Nursing), Laura Cochrane (LA/Art & Design), Savannah Lawwell (Honors Student)
3rd row: Dr. Katherine Mangione (COE/Elem. & Special Ed), Tricia Farwell (ME/Journalism & Strategic Media), John Dougan (ME/Recording Industry), Jackie Gilbert (BUS/Management)
4th row: Judy Albakry, Honors Advisor
Name Dept. Term   
John DuBois BAS/Biology 2019-2022
Amanda Flagg BHS/Nursing (Chair) 2019-2022
Ennio Piano BUS/Marketing 2019-2022
John Dougan ME/Recording Industry 2019-2022
Katherine Mangione EDU/Elementary and Special Ed 2019-2022
Laura Cochrane LA/Art and Design 2019-2022
Christine Eschenfelder ME/Journalism 2021-2023
Eric Klumpe BAS/Physics and Astronomy 2021-2023
Michelle Stevens EDU/Educational Leadership 2021-2023
Bethany Wrye BHS/Health and Human Performance 2021-2023
David Foote BUS/Management 2021-2024
Jason Pettigrew LA/World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 2021-2024


Student Representatives:

Name Term
Garrette Grayson 2021-2022
Maria Hite 2021-2022


Honors College Staff:

Name Dept. 
Vile, John Dean
Phillips, Phillip Associate Dean
Albakry, Judy Advisor
Clippard, Laura Advisor