Aerospace Department

Faculty and Staff

The MTSU Aerospace faculty and staff represent a broad range of experience and education. All faculty are pilots in addition to having a field of specialization. Both faculty and staff are widely recognized and respected within the industry for their knowledge and experience. In addition, our faculty and staff are also well known for their willingness to work with and advise students, giving these students the benefit of their real world and real life experience.

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 Department Chair
 Dr. Ronald J. Ferrara

Bill Allen 
Jennie Arnold 
Tyler A. Babb 
Wendy Beckman
Mark N. Callender 
Douglas E. Campbell
Mary Lou Cornett
Paul A. Craig 
Donald Crews
Amanda A. Custers
Terry E. Dorris 
Ronald J. Ferrara 
Andrea Georgiou
Dorris Steenland-Gossett
Stephen L. Gossett
Joe Hawkins
Gerald L. Hill
Terry Hunt 
Raymond E. Johnson
Paul Mosey 
Janice Ralston 
Barry Roggenkamp
Andrew Symonds
Matt Taylor
Matthew W. Torres 
Jeremy Woodside
Gail Zlotky

MTSU Aerospace has been accredited since 1992. The Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) has accredited all five of the Aerospace concentrations!  For more information, click here.
  Air Traffic Control
Click here for more information on MTSU's AT-CTI program.
  Flight Scheduling
Click here for Flight Scheduling at the Murfreesboro Airport.
arrow   Flight Labs
To apply for a flight lab, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Download and read the Additional Information Packet thoroughly and review the additional costs of flight labs.

Step 2:
Print and read the “Lab Request Form” for the semester you wish to enroll in a flight lab. Sign and submit it to the flight school secretary within the application period specified. Neither early nor late submissions will be accepted or considered.

Flight Lab Request Form    

Summer/Fall Application Period: February 1 – April 15

Spring Application Period: September 1 – Nov 15