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Can I get college or in-service credit for any of your programs?

Our programs do not confer college credit directly.  However, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) offers a free placement test, and CALA courses may help you test out of and receive credit for college-level langauge courses at MTSU through this test.  For complete details, please consult the MTSU Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.  Students attending other universities should contact their university to see whether it offers a similar option.

At the conclusion of each course, CALA offers teachers the option of receiving a certificate attesting to the hours spent in training.  Some schools and districts award in-service training upon presentation of this certificate.  Please consult with your school officials to see whether you can receive in-service credit by attending CALA courses.

Do  CALA courses (Parts 1-3) correspond to the first, second, and third semesters of college-level language classes?

No, the CALA program is unique and does not mirror the structure seen in most university curricula.  CALA courses foster a "whole language" classroom environment wherein students and the instructor constantly communicate with each other in real time.  CALA's expertise is making sure that, throughout this interaction, the input received by the learner is comprehensible and activies are brain-based (i.e., designed to take advantage of your brain's natural faculty for acquiring language).  With each successive "part," the learner reinforces and strengthens the language already acquired, thus making its structure "continuous" rather than "sequential":  the learner advances as a function of improving his or her communicative abilities rather than learning new grammatical structures.  For reference, however, CALA has prepared a listing of the grammar points and competencies that naturally occur through communication in each course.

Is there financial aid available to attend CALA classes?

Although traditional financial aid cannot be applied to attend CALA courses because they do not confer credit directly, CALA has partnered with local agencies, benefactors, and university departments to make funding available for deserving participants.  For a listing of these opportunities and application details, please visit our Scholarships page.