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Cost of Attendance: Annual Estimated Budget

This isn’t what you’ll pay MTSU, but a realistic estimate of all of the costs associated with going to college. Your Cost of Attendance determines in part how much financial aid you’re eligible for.

Academic Year (Fall 2015 & Spring 2016)

 in-state tuition room & board books travel misc. total
Dependent with Parent $8,296 $3,300 $1,540 $2,708 $1,350 $17,194
Dependent On & Off Campus $8,296 $8,106 $1,540 $2,708 $1,348 $21,998
Independent On & Off Campus $8,296 $8,106 $1,540 $2,708 $2,472 $23,122
Independent Graduate $6,012 $10,876 $900 $2,708 $2,706 $23,202 


out of state tuition room & board books travel misc. total
Dependent On & Off Campus $25,584 $8,106 $1,540 $2,708 $1,492 $39,430
Independent On & Off Campus $25,584 $8,106 $1,540 $2,708 $2,616 $40,554
Independent Graduate $15,192 $10,876 $900 $2,708 $2,786 $32,462 

Undergraduate tuition/fees are based on actual full-time tuition/fees for 14 hours. Adjust tuition/fees for 3/4, 1/2 time and less than 1/2 time enrollment. Graduate tuition is based upon 1/2 time status (6 hours) and can be adjusted to actual tuition above 6 hours. Tuition/fees may be adjusted to actual tuition/fees, after the census date.

Books/supplies may also be adjusted for hours enrolled above the budgeted amount. (Undergraduate -$55 per hour; Graduate - $75 per hours above budgeted amount).

Professional judgments may be approved to increase cost of attendance for child care, medical, and other extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis.

Cost of attendance may be increased for classes with additional fees (ex. Aerospace, Business course fees and lab fees).

Click here for more information about increasing cost of attendance due to flight lab costs. 

Average loan fees are added to the cost of attendance of students receiving a Federal Direct Student Loan. ($36 per semester Undergraduate; $71 per semester Graduate). 

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